A heavily rehearsed soliloquy’s gambit
When acting becomes believing or a manifestation
Currency is shared between two racers on a circuit
Bribing the spies to resist obscuring the new relation

Tip-toeing goes the merry-go-round on the surface
Reflecting radiance on a drum roll on mirrors
As exchanging dreams and modesties raise the furnace
From ย a vacuum beneath the skin, lair of the seers

Clashing of cultures cultivates synergy
At one like a chameleon’s forest fully immersed
Reducing space between frolicking particles
Seeing an odd outlier’s diligent effort dispersed

Without preparation requiring natural ability
Overly preparing suggests slim spontaneity
Former flows freely to mold in congruence
Latter lacks luster, languid label illuminated

Seemingly benign hearts are stamped and signed
With ink streaming from a source of synchronicity
Allegiance, bound by compassion and inner-standing are aligned
Projecting all as yourself– aย revitalizing epiphany

Image taken from Pinterest


10 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Absolutely brilliant @iampharaohmaktuk! Sorry don’t know if I need the @ sign on here lol! Love this and wonderful picture ties it all together! Fantastic! Lady Anne ^^รถ^^

    Liked by 1 person

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