Please listen to at least a minute of this song before you read this poem. Its may be the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

I got separated from my best friend at EDC yesterday towards the end of the night. I tried looking for him for about a half hour, and of course, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. I was pretty down about it during ATB’s set until his finale, trilogy, which truly changed everything in that moment. This song was so uplifting and beautiful, and I felt all my worries wash away. I became perfectly in tune with the synchronicity of the crowd. I felt goosebumps crawl on my spine as I felt myself being uplifted to a higher level of consciousness. I then grew compassion for myself after feeling disheartened for my loss, and knew that it was ok to feel frustrated, but the night was mine to make the most of, or continue playing the pity party in my search. I then went on to finish the night with Vini Vici afterwards as happily as possible. Will post more about EDC, but here is the poem for now.

Sad, stolen from the synchronicity
Searching for his best friend
The DJ spins the crowd a remedy
Enveloping unison as they blend
Swaying trees cooled as they flow
Branches brush in an arid and heated tent
Just prior spiraling down in the undertow
Intertwined trees make reveries loss cannot dent
Relieved as the witness of the space which time is spent



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