I should have trusted my first instinct.
I knew I couldn’t commit, so here I am, on this
peaceful night, trekking with the whole universe to myself.
I couldnt commit to the status quo, so bargained with the executioner.
I left my family and friends to travel to my own universe. There is no one to
argue with here, and I am always right. I am the authority and create my own 
law. I haven’t seen anyone in years, but keep treading as the whirlpool siphons me down into its depths.  My world, which was once beautiful, crumbles like a sandcastle murdered by a wave before being swallowed by the sea. Heavens disfiguring and dispersing. Through poor decisions, costly mistakes, and blessed lessons,
I am resuscitated on this road. The moon renews my spirit, 
but I am still alone. One thing is for sure– the 
dream will end one day and I’m awake.

Image taken from Pinterest


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