Her Guests

I sat there in awe seduced by the serene pool
I like many others that had gathered
Some hopped along the meadows for a swift sip
Others hobbled on propellors to graciously float in her buoyancy
We gather to her body in its many forms to maintain vitality
Whether veiled in scales, fur, or skin, she nourishes all
Whether spotted or solid, she accepts her guests
Whether limping on three legs, or arrogantly marching on two, she welcomes without question
The fresh aroma of the morning dew radiating off each petal satiates my thirst
My eyes close and my chest deflates
Over the Millenia I will be a part of that pool
When my bones disintegrate and find their way back into the heavens
When she sprouts miracles with her tears
When they are devoured by innocence
And when innocence is devoured and replenished
Unknown to any such concepts as they are learned and forgotten

Image taken from Pinterest


2 thoughts on “Her Guests

  1. Incredibly visceral and magical. Really transports the reader to that space within the poem. Fantastic! Thank you so very much for sharing this! Lady Anne ^^ö^^

    Liked by 1 person

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