Good Morning

Calm tranquil morning 
Suburban neighborhood sleeps
Sunny day awaits



27 thoughts on “Good Morning

      1. I was actually pretty down for a little while after getting back from Thailand because I really missed it. I know I’ll get back though so am feeling better 🙂

        I recently started online teaching with Chinese children which is a lot of fun and my students are awesome and it pays well.

        How about you bro how’s your week?

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      2. You enticing me, bro! I believe that Thailand is beautiful country, nature is my passion, if decided to go there one day, I am sure I am gonna love it. Btw, coz you have experience in thai as English teacher, how you advise me about going to be as English teacher, what Schools are requesting to be eligible for teaching in their schools, for example do they request Celta certificate or anything similar to. I know it’s not the right to discuss these things here, but it fits you are free to give advice , if not that would be fine too sherif 🙂

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      3. Yeah its all about nature! Thailand is definitely gorgeous! And its no problem. If you’re interested in getting into teaching I would definitely recommend getting a CELTA. Most schools want a degree and some sort of CELTA/TEFL. I have a CELTA, and its gotten me a lot of interviews, so would recommend it. Where are you interested in teaching?

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      4. First, I am really so grateful for kindness in replying to my comment, means a lot to me. And countries where I mostly interested to teach is China from the first hand, and the second hand is Thailand. As I have only bachelor degree in English literature with four years studying at the university, graduated in 2011, but basically I have two experience in teaching in public school in Jordan, and the second thing is that o don’t have celta but I am thinking to go over in British council here in my country Jordan. What do you think, sherif?! Sorry if I am bothering you, but I found you experienced in thin field, that’s why I was interested to ask you, bro☺️

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      5. Do you think ielts is gonna work, because celta is expensive in my country it’s going cost me around 2000 dollars, but ielts the international certificate is gonna cost around 400 to 500 dollars form British council. What’s your feedback, Sherif?!☺️

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      6. I’m not sure about the IELTS. Just googled a little about it lol, but it says its just for a specific sort of placement test I think?

        I would do some more research into it. If you’re trying to get to China or Thailand and you have an English related major, and you end up getting a cheaper sort of TEFL that should be enough though.

        I think you can find some jobs offers where you only need a major without a CELTA/TEFL.

        You can look for some job ads here and see what different schools are looking for 🙂 And no problem at all. I’m happy to help!

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      7. It’s great to know that I can work without those celta and TOEFl though. Just to make sure that toefl and ielts are equal but toefl is American certificate and ielts is British that’s all. And TOEFl is also cheap same amount to ielts gonna cost me, but do you think, is it difficult for me to get job there related to my field as English teacher, because I live in Jordan, on the other hand, do you specific trusted source that I can go through it. Much appreciated your help.

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      8. It kinda sucks, but you’re gonna be at a slight disadvantage because you’re not a native speaker. Some ads only want natives, but if you’re passionate about getting into teaching and traveling then I’m sure you can find something. Like I said just research it a little 🙂

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      9. Ooops, that’s really sucks, if they are only focusing on hiring native. Anyway, I will try to search as you said, it must be something there I could find, life is still so full of opportunities. Thank you so much, what you did for me, is added into my credits. Sherrrrrif. 😅

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      10. That’s great man! Yeah, there are definitely opportunities out there, just look for them. You might be able to find something without a TEFL. That link I sent you is a great place to look for jobs.

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