These Tentacles

Tap dancing on chained keys
A thousand pictures for a few words
Distilling the kraken’s essence
In plumes of the deepest Prussian blurs.

An always available escape route
While losing the inner fight
Bleeding the ink of my soul onto doubt
A liberating blinding light

These afflicted tentacles severed
The heart of the monster stopped 
Reborn as tentacles generate
A script the actors can adopt 

Trample the dichotomous crow
Pulling me fiercely from down below
Under attack by these tentacles 
Prophets creating my flow 

Happily relinquishing their insight 
Clergy baptizing the beast
In magically purified water despite 
The baby healed by the poets treats

These tentacles are my alchemists 
The artillery containing my lexicon
There’s nothing they can’t fix
The faith which I accept them upon


Truly blessed these tentacles have found poetry 🙂
Hope you are all doing well!! ❤


Featured image: Pinterest 

Final image: Ashley Brown 


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