Faucet drips as the
Ripples tenderly caress
Her forlorn bosom

Bubbles and thoughts 
Released to graveyard of suds
Peace instilled as steam fades

The suds dissipate
Relinquishing prisoner 
From complacent cocoon

Image taken from Pinterest


7 thoughts on “Released

  1. This is gorgeous on many levels. It’s clever, how you use words to describe a process as simple as a cleansing. The sensuality of the words heighten then reader’s curiousity as to whether there are other meanings/interpretations. And I did find those. And then, some excellent choice of words..forlorn bosom..and yes the imagery is stunning.

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  2. Thank you so much Nandita! At one point while writing it I thought of turning it into total erotica, but it wasn’t the purpose. And I’m so glad you liked the image. I spent like 2-3 hours looking through bath photos and couldn’t decide!


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