A Whole New World

The quill’s ink fails
Words vanish on their own
Mystery on the dusty parchment
A futile attempt as I hide behind my moon
She accompanies me in the oasis of my slumber
Phantoms can’t infect my solace as I pour my ink into the night
Illuminated by distant reveries shimmering so far away
Conquering humanity with seduction enchanting
Eyes fixed into the emptiness levitating
In a new world of fantasy
Where it is written
Scribbled without certainty
Rewriting bitter outdated history
Harnessing the infinite already prevalent
A dream catcher thwarting the spying scarcity
Now a passenger as the driver escorted to the gates of the 
Heavenly kingdom of mellifluous sirens serenading 
Guests that are never prisoners of their ecstasy
Free to leave whenever they choose
But who would choose a life 
Of fact over fiction

Image taken from Anteppress


13 thoughts on “A Whole New World

      1. Yes they are completely adorable – new kitties Magick and Link. I’ve posted a picture on a previous blog I think – but need to do more. They are so cute but get into everything! Curious little buggers. And our older cat does NOT like them. 😂😂

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