Extremely pleased, staring into the mirror,

The new suit felt perfectly snug. Another piece

of armor concealing his truest self. Unsure of who or

what he was staring at, but so enamored with the reflection

staring back. Able to travel to a new place at the whim, but never

able to feel comfortable in the hour before his eyes sunk into sleep in

his hotel room. Wide awake as beautiful women peacefully slept next to him,

unable to stop thinking about all else outside the bedroom. Able to continue with

business as usual, but unable to feel any satisfaction in himself despite his successes.

He needed to become a better tailor. One that could create a suit that absorbed all from

the outside instead of shielding himself in on false pretenses. One with deeper

pockets for gratitude to collect all of the meaningful experiences available

in the plethora of cities traveled to. Instead of one with holes spilling

curiosity and studiousness as the world’s lessons and subtleties

somehow go unnoticed. Running in circles chasing a ghost.

Following his reflection he continues to wear his suit.

Smiling, the executioner handed him a rope.

Image taken from Pinterest


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