Lost while lingering
By an irresistible scent 
Coming from behind 
Your concealed garden
In a snow globe 
Inseparable From solution
Not fading
Yet birthing
Beautiful Snow flakes 
Will thaw  
Frozen petals 
Anchors released 

Image taken from Pinterest


19 thoughts on “Concealed

  1. Really great writing. I love the use of bold to juxtapose what is concealed with what is not. Emphatic devices can add so much to a piece of poetry.

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      1. You are welcome! And no, your fragmented and your secret garden were not bold in the post. I thought it was a purposeful move because fragmented looked like it stood alone, a fragment of your piece, and secret garden was not bold and reminded me of concrete poetry.

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      2. Oh wow hahaha, that just happened, I thought I bolded the whole poem. If fragmented isn’t bolded that is brilliant, by losing synch with the whole we fade! Thank you for pointing those out and the interpretations. I always read your interpretations on Nandita’s poems and it helps point out a lot I didn’t see. 🙂

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      3. Wow! That is something, isn’t it? This is why I love poetry and the people who write it. I fell in love with poetry a long time ago and I love it for so many reasons. Analysing poetry is one of my favorite past times and if I get it right it’s a bonus but if not, then I have at least interpreted what I read through my own biases and life experiences. In this way, we are all connected. I really enjoy your poetry and think you are an amazing writer. There is such a depth to your work and I look forward to reading more as the days go by. Happy writing!! 🙂

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      4. It is wonderful to just get lost in someone’s poetry trying to think of different meanings in between the words. I don’t think there’s any write or wrong interpretation. There are many ways to see something even if it isn’t what the poet originally was thinking. And thanks so much that means a lot 🙂

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      5. You are absolutely right! Just as beauty is in the eye so, too, is connection between poetry and the individual reading it.

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