RIP Chester Bennington

I remember those years back in middle school or high school, sitting in my room alone with Hybrid theory by Linkin Park on my CD player. Oh, those were the days. Where we actually needed batteries, and either a cassette player, or a boom box to play music instead of conveniently going to many apps on our phones.

Middle school and high school were the times I used to play drums as well. Fun fact. Although I preferred to drum along to other artists, Linkin Park’s music helped me cope with the heart-breaks and thoughts of depression during my young years, and were always cathartic to drum to. They always provided a reassuring and empathetic voice that these tough times happen to everyone and that that inner space will always be a battle ground we always are on.

Over the last 12-15 years although I didn’t really follow Linkin Park after their album Meteora, but they have still been one of my favorite artists since I was 11 or 12 years old. From drumming along, to singing my heart out to at karaoke to In The End, Somewhere I Belong, or Faint for my last 5 birthdays straight, in Barcelona, and in Budapest while traveling, Linkin Park has held such a special place in my heart as one of my favorite musical artists.

Its so heartbreaking to know, but Chester Bennington has commit suicide. I have talked about this in length before after I watched the 13 Reasons why Series, but as someone who has attempted suicide four times and am still here, it is selfish and not worth it. When you see your life as your own and not ours, a very important piece of an infinite and mysterious puzzle, you accept a lie that you are segregated from the rest of all life and that is not true. Your death will affect others, and that affect on others will continue to affect even more as well. You don’t know where it ends, so see it as a duty to the collective whole to work on fixing the temporarily broken part. Also see everything you want and devote yourself to that. Find a way to stay. Keep fighting.

I’d like you to know Chester, that you were a hero of mine. You helped me through so many times of pain with your beautiful voice and relatable lyrics. I’d like to thank you so much, and let you know that I wish you the best, wherever it is you are right now. I can’t know what happens in the afterlife, but I hope you have found peace and acceptance with all that troubled you before making your way to the other side. I hope you found that somewhere you can belong.

Rest in peace my brother,


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11 thoughts on “RIP Chester Bennington

  1. I was JUST jamming out to LP! 😥

    When I saw a post about it on Instagram, I thought it had been another hoax!

    BRB, gonna go cry now. </3 Thank you, for writing this post in his honor. He is a definite legend.


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