They hadn’t spoken in some time. A growing nostalgia metastasizing in each of them.
Traveling mind-readers forgetting their mission in the mist. Now turning towards another, interrupting the rustling. Discouragement smeared on her face as her cheeks sunk, she grabbed his arm and said, ‘we should have seen it by now.’ ‘The gate was supposed to be on this path,’ he replied. ‘Pull out your phone and check maps, mine is dead.’ ‘Wow you didn’t bring your portable charger in your backpack?’ She snapped back and then let out a sigh. ‘The receptionist at the hotel said it would be a walk, and now we’re lost, but we will find our way.’

They continued

‘Yeah you’re right, it seems like our life is on repeat right now, like we’re stuck in a loop.’ We’ll never find the gate if we keep walking in circles. ‘I don’t think we’re walking in circles, we’re heading straight.’ ‘We agreed in our waivers that we would be stripped of our orientation.’ ‘We’re here to fix our crises. That’s why we’re heading to the gate.’ ‘Well where is it?’ I’m not sure, but maybe silence will be the start to fixing our crises. Ok, lets just keep moving. He nodded in agreement.

They continued in silence

Much time had passed and the nostalgia slowly melted leaving a fresh luster in the fog. Smiling they eavesdropped on the leaves, and inhaled the fresh, fall air as the wind performed shiatsu on their broken souls. Neither mission had succeeded. They remained lost in search of the gate, but the fog was lessening.

Painting by Graham Greckem


13 thoughts on “Where

  1. I like that there are a lot of hidden meanings and “reading between the lines” here. Is it a relationship – an old one or something that is reaching it’s end. It could also be 2 separate travelers who are both lost and trying to find the elusive gate. This is well written and leaves enough for the imagination. It also makes me want to read a backstory and see how they got there…

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 And yes, an old married couple whose marriage deteriorating are looking for ‘the gate.’ Found myself typing my explanation to it, but think I’ll listen to Eyes + Words on this one and leave it open to interpretation. Really happy you found it that way, thought it might have been a little concrete.

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      1. I was just reading a novel last night about a married couple who loved each other but 20 yrs and 5 children later they were at a crossroads…so this kind of reminded me of that right away…

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      2. Lol! It’s some cheesy romance novel I will not disclose here 😜 But yeah – the woman sacrificed a singing career at the same time she got pregnant at a young age. Turns out she was afraid of failure and kind of used the guy at that time – but the guy was a simple mechanic who was content living in a small town and providing for his family. It was tough to read because the woman was selfish – she kind of redeemed herself in the end. She followed her dreams and they moved somewhere else…

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