Failed simulations

Continuing in current life

Mundane monotony 

Filling stomach and lungs 

Like an empty gas tank 

Inhaling days fated code from registry 

Blindfolded black and white 

Broken record players

Still alive

And on the move 

Refusing to sleep 

Willing insomniacs

Incapacitated dreams 

Image taken from Pinterest


16 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Ghosts exist everywhere – from the organic to the inorganic. Your opening two lines really describe ghosts perfectly – failed simulations continuing on, as if they had not failed at all. I like the allusion to computer coding (if that was your intent) which haunt the programmer when there is a issue with that code. Perhaps we all become ghosts, even before we pass, as some of us are caught up in mundane hum-drum of work and life – the broken record you refer to. I love the image of repetition of that broken record that refuses to quit. I also like how you use ‘willing insomniac’ because anyone who has suffered from insomnia would not decide to be so. Great poetry!!

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    1. You were literally on my save wavelength or about as close as possible! Yes, so many ghosts both living and not. And the allusion was to computer coding, how the living ghosts lose their free will and are more or less programmed living in the same predestined life. And ‘willing insomniac depicts’ their inability to change or accept whatever it is that is causing them from actually living, or their soul’s finally finding peace. Really love your interpretation! Thank you Percy :))

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      1. You write so very well, my friend, and great poetry deserves to be read and interpreted. At least that’s my approach, anyway. You are most welcome!!! 🙂

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