Words filter in, they go

Others replace them, also fading


They stick

After arranging and re-arranging


Floating, dissipating, re-emerging 


Put back together until 

They evolve 

Into destiny

Separate points 

Connected without touching 

Enveloping unity between 

Parallel dreams 

Space filled– creating

This poem 

Photography by Manjari Sharma


13 thoughts on “Words

    1. Thank you Alex!! Oooh, I didn’t even think about that too when I wrote it of being drowned in words. Thanks for pointing that out. I actually do most of my thinking for my poetry while taking lone meditative showers. I just completely zone out and then words kinda just come and go, rearranging themselves until I have some good ideas for a poem, so thats why I chose the image hahaha!

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      1. My pleasure! Ha, yes, the long showers. I take five minute showers unless I’ve been engaged in gym activity. I love learning about how others channel their muses. Mine appears out of nowhere and suddenly I am overwhelmed by the urge to write. I read your piece and instantly thought back to my World Geography days when I was fascinated by the water cycle and then I thought of my wife, now passed and there it was – a poem.

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