Conversation With Myself Part 6 I Just Feel Like Writing

Sherif: I just feel like Writing.

Pharaoh: But not poetry, or we wouldn’t be having another one of these would we?

Sherif: The veil of poetry has gotten somewhat old, I haven’t particularly been in a poetic mood lately. I have several poems in drafts I could post right now, but none of them seem fitting at the moment.

Pharaoh: Well, what does seem appropriate?

Sherif: Getting my thoughts and feelings out since I’ve felt deflated once again.

Pharaoh: Well, Antoine Jameson’s* air pump didn’t work?

Sherif: No it didn’t, I suppose he likes to refer to them metaphorically in comments, but providing them actually, doesn’t seem like something he’s willing or cares enough to do.

Pharaoh: But he continues to post 12 poems a day and respond to other people’s feedback, without giving you his time of day right?

Sherif: Yeah, I suppose he’s busy.

Pharaoh: People are busy. They have things they need to do that prevent them from giving others their time. It would require too much effort to give others their time, and we wouldn’t want to encroach on their Business. Yeah, just like that Romanian kid, he’s a real entrepreneur. An aspiring ‘blogger extraordinaire’.

Sherif: Yeah. The Phoenix of WordPress decided to ignore my e-mail too, despite several allusions to her. However, she did drop by and click ‘like’ on a couple of poems.

Pharaoh: Well, that was nice of her. She decided to give you somewhere between fifteen and seventy-five seconds of her time.

Sherif: Oh well, she’ll just rise from the ashes until she’s burning in her own flames again. Remember that one poem you wrote about her?

Pharaoh: Wait, what? I thought you wrote that one?

Sherif: Anyways, so people generally tend to serve themselves. They’re there when its convenient to do so, but any extra effort shouldn’t be expected, and is something very few people are ever willing to give. Good thing for Phoenix and the stone GOAT.

Pharaoh: Never expect anything out of anyone or you’ll constantly be disappointed. Work on making expectations of yourself, executing them, and evaluating whatever lacks you have in achieving your dreams when you fall short.

Sherif: Well, what are my dreams right now?

Pharaoh: Dude, don’t kid yourself. You know the only thing you’ve ever cared about for like the last 11 years is finding a serious girlfriend. All you think, care, or talk about is girls.

Sherif: I suppose I don’t really have a dream.

Pharaoh: Yeah you do. Its to be the next Murakami, but you’re too lazy to even get started on either ideas you have for your books. Well thats not true, you went from page 5 to page 6 in… the last week. Maybe you should take the ex-Phoenix’s advice and just write, write, write; even if you don’t like it.

Sherif: Haha, that was paradoxical!

Pharaoh: Oh shit, it was!

Sherif: Lets say, I can take until New Years to just chill out, explore Siem Reap, Netflix and Chill, and gather my thoughts, so my writing is of better quality once I actually start. Even the first week of January, but once I start this time, I will be committed. I think I need some beach time and me-time, so I can emerge out of the sarcophagus in we-time.

Pharaoh: Yeah you need some beach time. You need some beach time without wishing you had a girl there enjoying your beach time with you, and you just need to read more Murakami and float like Driftwood in the ocean exploring the depths of your well.

Sherif: Sounds like a plan bro. I need to wind my spring. Once its wound, I see absolutely no excuse why there should be any short of 100 pages written for my book by January 1st 2019. thats not even a page a day! Easy enough right!?

Pharaoh: Ez game! So what are your plans in Siem Reap the next few days.

Sherif: Well, I’m still sick, but I have an Angkor Wat tour on Thursday, and a sunset boat tour with dinner of the Tonle Sap Lake on Friday. I’m just taking it easy the first couple days. I walked around a bit today, but nothing note worthy. Just concrete. Had lunch, got lost for a while and had to use maps to get back to the hotel.

Pharaoh: Well, you agree the bulk of your value for this trip will come on Thursday and Friday. Plus its been raining a lot today, and will rain all day tomorrow, so nothing wrong with relaxing in your hotel, reading, writing, and watching some Netflix. The most priceless part of this trip is getting away from Phuket anyways.

Sherif: Yes, I’m so sick of Phuket. Every Thai friend I thought I had prior to arriving has been absolutely worthless and unwelcoming since my arrival. I’m so glad to be gone for now. I think we real-eyes its time for some solitude.

Sherif: Nope, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You need to be comfortable with yourself before you can be comfortable with a girl. I haven’t posted anything travel related in ages either. Thanks for the chat buddy.

Pharaoh: Anytime. Now time to get back to bed right? You need your rest. You need to get better ASAP, you’re on day 5 of being sick now, and its almost NYE!

Sherif: Yeah you’re right. At least emotionally I’m feeling better, and I’m tired.

Pharaoh: I’m glad you are. Go into a deep, peaceful sleep, and if not. Be happy closing your eyes in the silence.

Until next time 🙂


6 thoughts on “Conversation With Myself Part 6 I Just Feel Like Writing

  1. You have extremely interesting conversations with yourself! I like them alot!
    And I agree, Nandita is one hell of a Phoenix.
    Your posts are delightful, Pharao and Sherif! 😉😊❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I think I’m actually going to start doing more of them and less poetry as I feel poetry doesn’t really change the way I feel most of the time. And you know who you replaced! Glad you enjoyed it. ❤️❤️


  2. This is something writers really should do… I mean we always have mental conversations with ourselves… penning it is a great idea… like a form of therapy… at least that’s how it will be for me. It’s like a self reflection that motivates you to the next step. Enjoyed ‘listening’ in on your conversation. I like your honesty with yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

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