Conversation With Myself Part 7 New Years Eve

Sherif: Dude where are you? I feel like chatting.

Pharaoh: Hello brother, how may I assist you?

Sherif: To be honest with you, I’m actually feeling great right now. My trip to Cambodia was exactly what I needed. It got me out of Phuket and as much as I was hating it here, that was perfect. Not to mention exploring Angkor Wat, the surrounding temples, and the lake tour I went on were absolutely epic, but those are for other posts.

Pharaoh: Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Do you feel like you’ve lessened your expectations of what needs to happen in Phuket in order for you to feel happiness, and do you think you’re more able to happily exist in solitude?

Sherif: Yeah, I do. I think I’ve real-eyes that Phuket just isn’t exactly a great place for what I was hoping for. I’m sure there are genuine girls here, but at the same time I have to be understanding of the fact that they tend to see farang as walking ATM machines, they have an inordinate work load with their jobs, as well as the massive language barrier, so its probably much more difficult to find a serious relationship here than in other parts of Thailand or a more first world Asian country like Korea or Japan.

Pharaoh: That’s great you’re more aware. What do you plan to do to make the most of your solitude. And do you think that you’re stuck in an existence of solitude, or are you making it sound worse than it actually is.

Sherif: Well, I went to the gym today for the first time in a week since I was sick. I had been pretty consistent since moving into my new condo, and I have really enjoyed working out. I also am thinking about getting into yoga again. Mentally I feel ready to get back to start hammering away at my novel. I’ve made the effort to start talking to more expats as we can communicate better, and they likely will have more time to go out and whatnot.

Pharaoh: That all sounds great! I think you have a pretty solid game plan for 2018, but this post is titled New Years Eve. Was there something you were having doubts on regarding that?

Sherif: Well, originally I was staying in Patong for NYE, the Las Vegas of Phuket, but thought that it might be a little too crazy, and maybe it would be best to go to Bangtao, my favorite beach, especially since there might be more decent girls there.

Pharaoh: That sounds like a great idea! Whats the problem?

Sherif: Dude I wanna fucking rageee tonight!! Ahhhh, who wants to chill on NYE, I want to drink inordinate amounts of alcohol and go crazy with a bunch of tourists!

Pharaoh: Hmmm, can’t say I really can condone that sort of behavior. You told yourself that you would make an effort to drink more responsibly this year, you did a better job last year than prior years, but there’s always room for improvement. Also, what if you don’t meet anyone tonight? What if you get to sit on a gorgeous beach, go for a swim, have a nice dinner and watch fireworks at midnight? What’s wrong with that?

Sherif: To be honest I’d rather be raging, but I made a decision, it’ll be better to make the best of it.

Pharaoh: Dude just drink tonight, don’t get too trashed, but have a good time, and talk to people. Its NYE!! You’ve had a lot of really awesome NYE’s. People have their guard downs and are a lot more accepting. Be confident and be you. And who knows you might get lucky and meet someone, you may just meet some cool expats, but don’t have any expectations, and be available to any sort of situation you run into tonight. I really want to see you have a good night tonight!

Sherif: Yeah I want to have a good night tonight. I feel like the more I drink the less you’re there though.

Pharaoh: Well, thats something we’ll discuss on a future post, but I’m always there, I may be less prominent as you become less conscious due to alcohol, but you can always call on me should you need me. Go to the bathroom and have a conversation with yourself. Girls go to the bathroom before they’re about to have sex with a guy and give themselves a pep talk, it’d be a double standard if you can’t go to the bathroom and gather your thoughts if you feel lost.

Sherif: Yeah man. Tonight will be epic. I remember 2013 with Manami, 2015 at Decadence with my Arizona rave family, and then 2016 in LA with Danny. Tonight in Phuket will be amazing!! I will accept everything and everyone I meet and be my most authentic self.

Pharaoh: That’s the spirit buddy. Now go have fun. Its 1! You should go get lunch, get checked into your hotel, and hit the beach.

Sherif: Amen brother. Thanks for the chat.

Pharaoh: Any time! Peace out!


4 thoughts on “Conversation With Myself Part 7 New Years Eve

  1. “Stuck in an existence of solitude”. That struck me, Sherif. And the whole thing about having lesser expectations now, a difficult thing to achieve but we gotta do it, right? Also, being a love addict needs a rethink, what say? I wish I could rationalize the way you do. Your conversations with yourself are very enlightening in that it is a conversation that makes me think too.
    Let’s look forward to this year with some maturity and acceptance. ❤
    And Happy New Year, Sherif.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, the Pharaoh doesn’t exist in just me, its my concept for a higher self. Go on a Microsoft Word and just ask yourself questions, with the intentions of giving yourself honest answers, and then figure out what you need to do in order to get where you want.

      Yes, definitely need to be less expectant of others and rely on ourselves more. Also, as we talked about I hope that in 2018 you make more effort to spend less time on WordPress and try to get out and be more social.

      Happy New Year!! ❤


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