Inspired by Haruki Murakami’s Wind up Bird Chronicle

Down here to think 
Overwhelming darkness 
Solace provided

An occasional glimpse 
From the sun incepting 
Confirming my 

One of many I’ve existed in  

In the interim–
In between, 
Musing, patched together 
Currents manipulated

Imperfect memories,
Sewn in synchronicity, 
Or ignored in
Asynchronous torrents 



As I’m stitched 
And shattered 

Tick tock
Tick tock
In the darkness, 
Hands unseen
Perfect orientation, 

Perfect continuity
As I remain here in
The darkness, awaiting
That afternoon light  

Photography from Ta Phrom in Cambodia 🙂


21 thoughts on “Defragmented

    1. Thank you Pragalbha, this might be one of my favorite poems I’ve written in a long time. Only acceptance of the past allows us to embrace the present, or we’ll just continue splashing resisting the current. Easier said than done of course sometimes haha

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  1. I have read this a few times as the words command a bit of reflection… I’m still pondering… very deep and thought provoking… amazing piece of writing… forming my own intepretations… think I’ll have another read

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  2. There seems to be a concept of time involved… which I do love(I have a bit of obsession with the passage of time) that line though…’imperfect memories sewn in synchronicity’ somehow, for me, it means coming to terms with past actions though imperfect because those very same imperfections and maybe mistakes is what have led us to the point we are at now… well that line especially stood out to me 🙂

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