Standard deviations
From drowning
In a well

To soaring above

The canopy
The densest forests 

Concealed visions 
Most comforting, 

Fragments strung,

An illusion of necessity

Blizzards paused
Business subsides
Grasped ladder

Glistening wings 
Buoyant with gravity 
Talons open
Atonement in clouds 

Image taken from Pinterest


11 thoughts on “Standard

  1. The oxymoron usage (e.g., buoyancy / gravity) minds me of paradox in Eliot’s _Four Quartets_. It gives your poem complexity, depth, richness. Must be read slowly to be appreciated, but that’s what a good poem wants. Nice work!

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    1. Haha thank you!! I still stand behind what I said in the group chat, I think this one shows her journey of going full circle in order to real-eyes that pain and suffering is part of all our journies, but once we accept whatever it is we’re resistance towards we reach a state of pure space or oneness, ‘atonement in clouds.’ Glad you enjoyed it Margit!

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