Hypnotized fireflies
Gazing up, 

Their reflections 
In this battle 
Within space 

Which is the observer 
And how many levels 
Of mirrors reverberating 
awareness– exist 
Through this labyrinth
Of reality 

Dew cradles my cheek
Unfelt space
But seeing that
which is felt

A gentle reminder,
These duplicates
Are blind to the
Aurora of lanterns

And I am 
The one

Image taken from Pinterest


19 thoughts on “Observed

    1. You aren’t ‘me,’ little ‘me’ exists with in big ‘I’ our connected consciousness, the vast intelligence of the universe. When you connect to that space you are at-one with all things. I wasn’t sure the intended meaning of it, I know Vishnu is the preserver, so maybe drums help instill a sense of peace? And your welcome.

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      1. I read that Vishnu lies asleep somewhere in the cosmos, “dreaming the world into existence.” So that your existence and mine is only participation in Vishnu’s dream. Thanks for sharing your own ideas.

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  1. There’s a bit more, re: the drum. I picture my drumming being an activity somehow like Vishnu’s dreaming. I confess my thinking got convoluted in the writing, however, and my own thought was not finished. Sorry. I appreciate what you said elsewhere about people’s insincerity. I hope you do continue to blog. I believe your writing is worth sharing, and no BS about that 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the nomination Roda, I am honored. On my hiatus I actually decided to make my blog award free. For what it’s worth though, thank you for always being a member of my Jedi council. Truly enjoy reading your work and glad we have become friends 🤗💚


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