Taking A Break

As I like to do, I think its time for a break. I think this will be a longer break, but hope to be back sometime in mid-late February. I just have felt uninspired to write lately, and my mind has been completely blank for the most part. Which is a good thing. If I can fully embrace being nothing without being fragmented by the past, it means I’ve fulfilled the goals of my writing.

I think I’ve been trying to resist that my time will be spent mainly in solitude, so will do my best to embrace solitude and be in-joy as much as I can without wanting friends or a girlfriend. I was hoping my time here would be different and that I might actually make some friends instead of being alone constantly, but if alone is my only form of existence, then it something I need to accept.

I will be back when I feel I’ve accomplished this, or have the urge to write again, but right now I just want my space. I wish you all the best in my absence.


32 thoughts on “Taking A Break

  1. Hi Sherif, sometimes it is the best idea to take a break and recharge. You will bounce back with renewed energy. Smile and laugh at the simple things and reward yourself for the good things you do. Take care buddy – your creativity is always there, just give yourself some time and you will be writing again (when you are ready) with renewed vigour. But most importantly, laugh and have a bit of fun.

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  2. While your gone and you feel inspired to write, write it down and accumulate a bunch of awesome poems! That way when you come back you’ll be ahead of the game and have less pressure to write.

    Hopefully things go well. I find as long as you embrace who you are to the fullest the universe will bring like minded people to you like a magnet. Good luck!

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    1. Haha that’s actually what I did when I took 3 months off before. Just wanted my space and didn’t want to feel pressured to write. Ended up coming back with 15 poems and when I came back with what I created was some of my best poetry.

      I feel that Thai culture isn’t really compatible with me. They’re all really really busy. They all work 6 days a week maybe 50-60 hours, and they honestly aren’t very welcoming of foreigners. Think I’m just gonna have to accept being an outsider until I leave. They’re also extremely flakey and never show up on time. Very inconsistent with what I hope for in people.

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      1. Just try to accept them for who they are.. and adapt a little to their ways..

        Remember you are in their territory.. and itโ€™s your choice to be there..

        Just be you.. and they will recognize you as that special guy and some will accept you and appreciate you..

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  3. Aaaah nooo..
    We hate to lose your presence my friend..

    But sometimes we just lose that desire to write.. and a break is good for revitalizing…
    hope you find joy in your solitude.. and learn to love your own company

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  4. Seems like we are on oppisite break schedules! LOL I just come back from a bit of a hiatus to see that one of my favorites is now on break! Enjoy…learn to love the silence and the solitude. I’m gonna catch up by reading some of your beautiful writing.


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