Pharaoh Mosby– Hopeless Romantic?

Its 5:43 AM right now. I woke up to go to the bathroom about 45 minutes ago, and then saw something which saddened me a little bit via social media regarding my girlfriend, if I could even call her that. Before I get into that, though, I'd like to back up a bit. I wanted … Continue reading Pharaoh Mosby– Hopeless Romantic?


Hey fellow Pharaohs! How's it going? I know my blog tends to be a bit random. A lot of musings, sometimes music, sometimes movie reviews, and a bit of travel adventures, but I would say the form of writing I enjoy the most is definitely poetry! Recently a fellow blogger made a post seeking collaborators … Continue reading Collaboration!?


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From Hating Loneliness to Appreciating Solitude

This post isn't meant to take away from my experience in Europe. My two months in Europe were incredible. Getting lost and aimlessly wandering through streets and taking the wrong turn via maps, foreign languages I didn't understand, talking to the different servers, baristas, bartenders, and all the random people I may never see again-- … Continue reading From Hating Loneliness to Appreciating Solitude