No Longer

Trampled, broken, bruised Stuck between white and black hues Attempting to muse Asynchronous flow  Feebly swirling the undertow  Drowning in sorrow  Hypothermia Shivering to convulsions  Seizures inside sew  Seems seamless and fine Scars and gashes but no sign  No longer aligned Image taken from:


Graduation Another piece of paper added to the score. Continuing to keep score, of what is nothing more. His life is a bore-- solely a boar squealing to a whore, wishing something more than her pretending to adore. Lies on paper of a faked interest. Seamless mistresses coming and going. Lying dormant, Pharaoh solely sleeps and weeps. Pyramids scheming … Continue reading Graduation


Staring at the sun hidden behind the clouds Eyes closed and air glittered-- Sparkling and sifted through A spark of hope renewed. Eyes remain open barely before blinded by magnificence. The sun and clouds unseen, but chrysales creating a state of piece. A lack of warmth prompts eyes to shut. They open momentarily until blind to … Continue reading Smile


A door ahead. Water drizzled from the source. Murky and turbulent-- boiling and spoiled. The sludge of the building pollutes its purity. Flowing inside. Filtration of the sulfur would create a better flow for his fish. Conductor of none-- silent but still boiling. A massive barrier between two windows. Unknowing each other exist, but able … Continue reading Closed


Abiding by her rules. To study and nothing more. The dog locked on the terrace, unable to enter. Exits his room and frolics through the queen's hall. No knowledge of his mother-- Adolf. She allows no petting, no guests, no drinking. Here, he can only study. She watches the news. Hours and hours excited in … Continue reading Hosted

Seek Bromance- Rant Plz help To my followers, would really appreciate some sort of response on this. I'm just not feeling well at all right now, and need help. In a foreign city alone and am morbidly depressed. I'm really hating the CELTA program. I feel like the people I work with are ridiculously fake and caddy. They're only … Continue reading Seek Bromance- Rant Plz help