Empty Bed

This bed never felt so empty. Only a few days ago you were beside me. Snuggled into my arms as you peacefully snoozed the night away. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do the same. I had one thing and one thing only on my mind-- that I would be boarding a plane in less than … Continue reading Empty Bed


Treasure Chest

The roses on your breasts Silky, thornless, and so sweet As we connect our treasure chests Any sorrow stored will surely deplete You grasp my firm buttocks and guide Like a jackhammer on a scorching sidewalk pried open to the center of the beautiful planet Getting hotter and damper-- an unyielding magnet You throw your … Continue reading Treasure Chest

Heart to Heart

Spider man zip lines from heart to heart Using radar in the murky blind dark Behind a masked facade, eyes closed from the start Sculpted bodies scraping without a spark This diction implies friction For how long out of synchronicity? With the heavenly sway of her body Ignorant to overwhelming electricity Fireworks internally imploding Misconception … Continue reading Heart to Heart

Phoneless Pharaoing in Buddhapest Part 2– Skin Deep In the Molarless Pigeon

Pharaoh went to Ambers cafe to catch up on some blogs. To cut back on his spending he decided to eat some cafe food, have a green tea party, and jackhammer away on his macbook. Many gorgeous pigeons walked in and out of the cafe, but his intention of finishing the blogs he thought of … Continue reading Phoneless Pharaoing in Buddhapest Part 2– Skin Deep In the Molarless Pigeon

Pharaoh’s Cobra and Furukihara’s Cave

Pharaoh boards his connecting flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Miami. The second of three connecting flights he would need to take in order to reach Barcelona. He sits in the middle aisle seat in the center of the plane. He sees a petite nimble Japanese woman approaching on the right aisle. He hopes that … Continue reading Pharaoh’s Cobra and Furukihara’s Cave