Failed simulations Continuing in current life Mundane monotony  Filling stomach and lungs  Like an empty gas tank  Inhaling days fated code from registry  Blindfolded black and white  Broken record players Still alive And on the move  Refusing to sleep  Willing insomniacs Incapacitated dreams  Image taken from Pinterest


Lost while lingering Fragmented By an irresistible scent  Coming from behind  Your concealed garden In a snow globe  Inseparable From solution Not fading Yet birthing Beautiful Snow flakes  Concealed  Will thaw   Frozen petals  Anchors released  Image taken from Pinterest

Late Night Alumni– Rest of You Have been hypnotized and seduced by this all day. Love the latin feel, the enchanting vocals, and awesome guitar solo towards the end. Late Night Alumni are so mellow and delicate. Hope you enjoy 🙂 You say love has given up Yet here's my heart still filling up Hoping that you will follow Poetry … Continue reading Late Night Alumni– Rest of You


Vastness Until A drop bestows  Sound  Into the dark  Hollow emptiness  A flint Within the darkness To spark  The awakening Of my closed eyes  Pastels infuse  Words vanish and appear  Hieroglyphics dancing Within the oily canvass And pasts deciphered   Willing puppets   In honor of growth Sacrificed in the revery  Of the dark  As … Continue reading Drops


Extremely pleased, staring into the mirror, The new suit felt perfectly snug. Another piece of armor concealing his truest self. Unsure of who or what he was staring at, but so enamored with the reflection staring back. Able to travel to a new place at the whim, but never able to feel comfortable in the hour before his … Continue reading Tailor


Sound distorted when I saw you Alone waiting Radiating Words muffled through a tornado Abandoning him Unheard But understood Revolving within the shimmering pools Of deep enchanting brown Smokescreens guarding What miraculous secrets to have found Within the cosmic meadow An elusive mystery exciting My available potential field As love invigorates my being A playful … Continue reading Collide


Absorbing the wind's caresses and deciding to stay Unperturbed galloping through thoughts a galaxy away Straddling the faint space between dreams and their reality Plucking each gnawing spy, loosening the layers they had bound Creating a long untouched orientation within familiar space around After consulting the stillness, alert to the honks and chatter about Emerging … Continue reading Saddle