No Longer

Trampled, broken, bruised Stuck between white and black hues Attempting to muse Asynchronous flow  Feebly swirling the undertow  Drowning in sorrow  Hypothermia Shivering to convulsions  Seizures inside sew  Seems seamless and fine Scars and gashes but no sign  No longer aligned Image taken from:


Glittery pearls floating in the sea Manifested buoyancy  After having found we in 'me.' Accepting duality now set free. After epiphany of clear sight Wings spread to take flight Given grace instead of misusing might Oysters opened shimmering their light Some may slip and fall Vision blurred by an invisible wall Getting back up again, painless … Continue reading Free

First Date

A barrier of language broken by mutual affinity to discuss the mundane. Miraculous when oysters giggle. Iridescent sparkle felt and reflected. A stolen umbrella, and chariot ride benevolently bestowed. Escalating lessons in modality received. Self-conscious of linguistic struggle drowned by security from his comforting presence. Secure from their mother's tears as she fires bullets. A … Continue reading First Date


The blind leading the blind. Regurgitation resuscitates a child's pleading wish. Belonging by inspiring smiles. Being without achieving. Continuing without reaping progress while learners enjoy their bliss. Sowing seeds for future futile endeavors. Or does the futility lie in the expectation? Accomplishment seduces failure. Success permeates, escorted by forgotten passion. Manifested in remembrance of fading … Continue reading Ambiguity

In The Stars

Slit between her thighs Clenched in crescendo of sighs One moment-- time dies Neck tickled kitty purrs Cowgirl's knees up above spurs Sight distorted sound deterred Whispers in my ear Eyes closed seeing crystal clear Reality a fear Volcanoes charge Reveries lower the barge To this world of fiction A beautiful depiction Meshed in the stars … Continue reading In The Stars

Worker Bee

The hourglass toppled over me Richest nectar moving south Gracefully as if a floating bumblebee  hushed by each sting from her mouth  Massaging each ball sucked in by quick sand Time frozen as the hourglass is hidden  With each bob of her head gold is panned  Materials and worries all become ridden  Crisp is the … Continue reading Worker Bee


Cobwebs cover skeletons. Poisonous fumes inhaled sprinting  past previously etched walls. Blood remains on the catacombs from chipped fingernails. Desperate  to mark any, the infinite series of twisted  turns praying to escape the Maze. Devoured by rats as a means to survive. Fur and feces somehow seem more appealing than death. Praying out instead of accepting fate. Lost to never … Continue reading Prisoner