What lies beyond Enchanting entwinement Of celestial skies and Bleeding clouds What clings to desperate Reproduction Of suns death As space is blessed With flavored twilight And melting palates Of infinite shades Of grey Within the arena Who instructs  Placement in Duality between Ambrosial orchestra And its dissipating Yet radiating choir Pondering why clouds Must cry … Continue reading Cyclic



How much of myself  Do I reveal Concealed in an Inconsistent narrative  Behind a convex mirror Dissonant projections Reluctantly released  He sees something  An extra terrestrial  Slowly and surely Doubts rise like  A bludgeoned sun In the morn  After a new moon sunk  Vulnerable No longer virtual   I release myself  Fuller disclosure  Defragmented as  … Continue reading Disclosure


Unorthodox svasna  From within a hollow Shell, the sea turtle  Peers  Behind closed eyes Explosions of crimson,  Lemonade savored Prussian dynasties fall In azure currency  Legs locked  A motionless propellor  Fingers laced  Swans sway in cyan  Dormant buoyancy  Slight gurgling  Muffled splashes Jet skis roars Drowned to  Cathartic whispers  The aurora of  Lights penetrating  The … Continue reading Driftwood


Business. An obsession with appearance. Not an enterprise. She's an engineer modifying glasses to always be half empty. Somehow drowning with a lower water level, I suggested to slow down. Still, all I hear is the desperation of her splashing.  Image taken from Pinterest

The Ladder

Chameleon climbs  Adaptable arsenal Patiently on perch  Square one realized  Despite quickened pace on ladder Preserved humility  Weathering blizzards Lept up, despite missing rungs  Melted inertia  Inner applause ensues  Looking down from the summit  Prepared for descent Image taken from Pinterest

ID Aim

Aimed Identification Pivoting in despair Inconsistent breaths Capillary catacombs Another sludge bath beneath Sniping himself Oasis’ perpetual illusion As worlds are obliterated Nuked Consciousness Misconstrued capacity Waiting for the scope The rusty guillotine Remains frozen Trigger clutched Image taken from Google Images


Petrified with stale thoughts Desiring more than anything to be here  Unable to take the first step forward from there Backwards in a trance with incessant noise failing To apply what is known. Connect the receiver,  Acquire momentum. Standing unscathed--  From elsewhere to super-standing. Image taken from Pinterest


Unquenchable cravings Sustained by records skipped Silhouettes ignored Different variables As I inhale your ashes From those ashes I rise A phoenix reborn Our silhouettes turn into oblivion yearnings As I exhale your memories Soot obstructing space Feeble grasps at restoring Fragments, as I’m dissolved Once again, in solution Of incinerated poetry and Discarded hope … Continue reading Craving


Polar sides of bed Aliens in loving arms Abducted—where is she  If I hold her until morning Will she return   Can I tranquilize  The abductor With kisses Can I peel off Each layer Of the cocoon Butterfly reborn Wings spread Shimmering with due Abductor abducted As she holds him Closer  and closer  Image taken … Continue reading Abducted