Inspired by my wonderful students. I am blessed. ūüôā Blueprints for time travel¬† Children's contagious laughter Surfing memory¬† Replicating novelty Presence perpetuates¬† Image taken from Pinterest  



Standstill with time¬† The light splashes¬† A nearby stream The flaps of birds Passing above¬† Below rooted¬† Deep breaths¬† No agony¬† Withstanding,¬† She peacefully endures No memory Lovers chisel their names¬† Children sack Minas Tirith¬† Selfishly using her branches¬† Innocently severing limbs¬† But roots remain growing¬† Trance inducing Embers fading¬† -- She snaps out¬† Remembering … Continue reading Withstanding


Nestled in a familiar place In the silence-- stacks Blurry pages straining my eyes Squinting so hard To keep the record skipping Decipherable yet undeciphered¬† Still, while¬† New volumes¬†recorded over Lamenting all the memory wasted¬† As storage is growing full,¬† But can't just light these files on fire¬† Even though we went Up in smoke … Continue reading Memory

Speak Parrot

'All you can do is repeat?¬†Come on, we've been echoing our shadows for too long' the jaguar said to the parrot as he leaped from his branch. 'Come on,¬†we've been echoing our shadows for too long',¬†the parrot squawked without moving. 'You didn't learn much did you, you need a foundation before you can lay bricks.' … Continue reading Speak Parrot


Swaying effortlessly  Coaxed by merciful winds  On Rainbow surfboard  -- Rejuvenating  Metronome of cicadas  Awaiting nightfall  -- Ripples serenade  Indefatigable  Fish scales shimmering -- Unseen galaxy  Reflects ocean's abundance  Azure currency  Image taken from ALK3R 


It seems too vivid to be a dream Each spasm as I gasp for air A gracious prisoner in this room¬† With eyes closed and your tongue caressing¬† Sweeping all that isn't as each layer of¬† Me is peeled away like an onion Tickled as you begin with soft pecks and kisses¬† Burnt eyes-- hypnotizing-- … Continue reading Layers


Evacuating the mausoleum¬† If only for an instant An empty cave Unwanted recognition¬† Noisy, dreary applause throughout Submerged-- a¬†sanctum¬† A waking bear yawns¬† Hiatus from hibernation Calibrating new reality Connected to the cub¬† A fluctuating exhibit¬†¬† Image taken from Pinterest  


Stored away In these familiar catacombs I go back,¬† The pages withering¬† The dim light flickering I can barely trace the outline¬† Your silhouette in the dark Its absence sparked¬† Deepening space An unforgettable face Hidden between The margins¬† Separating on this shore¬† Soundless waves ¬† Crashing-- Enveloping--¬† Igniting-- What no words can describe¬† And … Continue reading Silhouettes