Inspired by my wonderful students. I am blessed. ūüôā Blueprints for time travel¬† Children's contagious laughter Surfing memory¬† Replicating novelty Presence perpetuates¬† Image taken from Pinterest  


Hellooooo Teacher Sherif Part 2

For the first time since I've started working, I currently have an hour where I actually don't have classes. Thursdays and Fridays are typically overtime, so unless any of my regular students want to reschedule one of their lessons, its usually all trial lessons or interest classes. Since I'm currently free, but just need to … Continue reading Hellooooo Teacher Sherif Part 2

Back From the Sarcophagus– Where To Next

Image taken from I've been gone for a week on here, but after combatting some writer's block and travel withdrawal I'm finally back from the sarcophagus.¬†Its been 5 days since I've been home after being in Europe the last 6 weeks. I initially had hoped to stay in Barcelona through the summer as an … Continue reading Back From the Sarcophagus– Where To Next

Why I Write- The Importance of Storytelling

This is going to be ridiculously random so stay with me. Really hope you all read this through. I've seen a few of these lately, so decided to do one myself. I had a Tumblr for 4 years called Shooich's stream of consciousness which was more or less my diary, and I never received any … Continue reading Why I Write- The Importance of Storytelling


Staring at the sun hidden behind the clouds Eyes closed and air glittered--¬†Sparkling and sifted through A spark of hope renewed. Eyes remain open barely before blinded by magnificence. The sun and clouds unseen, but chrysales creating a state of piece. A lack of warmth prompts eyes to shut. They open momentarily until blind to … Continue reading Smile

Unfolding in Barcelona

I woke up this morning feeling amazing. The sky was glittery and it seemed like the sun was patiently hiding behind the buildings of my flat-- gracing with me with a light show as the clouds sifted through. I sat there while it unfolded, but inevitably had to get ready to go to class. My … Continue reading Unfolding in Barcelona


A-mazed through cities A boy on his horse Off a girl will twirl A man in a sedan On-time will sublime Later her arrival Early she will wait An end to debate Destination lost     Image taken from On friday I'm supposed to present reading material to my students which discusses some urban … Continue reading Destination

Meaning, Form, Pronunciation

Explained, but likely unknown. That which must be explained¬†cannot be understood. Inner-standing--¬†amorphous within the¬†body paragraph. Formed by experiences, diluted by time, or fresh¬†in an undefined time in the lost now. Found howls and serenades--¬†enunciated at different frequencies. Frequently attempting to find meaning, separated by language. Held and intertwined-- an exclamation mark in a gorgeous set … Continue reading Meaning, Form, Pronunciation