Carnaval! Barcelona Week 3

I've experienced every emotion imaginable this week, and have been in every different state of mind within a wide assortment of situations. I was extremely hopeful about the Celta program after last week and a few of the blogs I produced, but due to my inability to small talk retreated back into my cave. This … Continue reading Carnaval! Barcelona Week 3


Europe Bucket List

Go on a long intimate walk on the beach. I don't care what beach, I don't care if its with the Pharaoh, but a long walk with a beautiful girl, or by myself, while staring out at the moon for some long undefined time is in order. Check out a ruin bar in Budapest. I've … Continue reading Europe Bucket List


The crow and the pigeon walk along the city center. Suits, dress shirts, cameras, and lights abundant in this city of sin. A new experience and they now feel like tourists. They enjoy the simplicity of a simple stroll. En route to The Magical Slice of Pizza. Aria behind-- cosmos ahead. Secret pizza in an … Continue reading Orientation

A Flock of Students: Celta Week 1

My first day walking into International House Barcelona I knew that my biggest challenge would be suppressing my social anxiety, and coming out of my cave. Often times I retreated back into my cave, but I didn't let it discourage me-- forever. I struggled to talk to my colleagues for the first few days, and … Continue reading A Flock of Students: Celta Week 1

Celta Days 1-3: Spyro and Jerry’s Lessons

Day 1: Pharaoh walked into International House Barcelona. He didn't know where he was going, but saw four other trainees. They made introductions, but as expected due to how isolated he was, he was unable to vibe. He was a bit nervous as he was always. There were only five trainees, but all 15 inevitably … Continue reading Celta Days 1-3: Spyro and Jerry’s Lessons