Dreams Of Phuket

I've been waiting a long time for this moment. I've just woken up to finish the last of my packing, and I will be heading to the airport to return to Phuket soon. When I left in May, I felt that I had a lot of unfinished business in Phuket. I hated my job at … Continue reading Dreams Of Phuket


10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Phuket Right Meow!

Will Keep this short and sweet and my final thoughts on leaving for a different post. Enjoy 🙂 1. The people - Phuket has a wonderful mix of friendly locals and expats. I stayed in Chalong so had my friends that I taught with as well as others I met on Muay Thai Road that were … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Phuket Right Meow!

Phuket Part 4– Sarasin Bridge Joy Ride

Today was my last day in Phuket. Over the last month I had discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle. The wind on my cheeks while going fast, the ease of handling, and also wriggling through traffic. I thought what better way to spend my last day in Phuket by taking a joy ride from … Continue reading Phuket Part 4– Sarasin Bridge Joy Ride

Phuket Part 3– The Big Buddha And Phrom Thep Cape

Yesterday was a pretty wonderful day. On the way to Kata beach the previous two times I had always seen the Big Buddha overlooking both Kata and Chalong, but never really knew how to get there. To my excitement I found it was accessible by Chalong, where I live now, so decided last weekend to … Continue reading Phuket Part 3– The Big Buddha And Phrom Thep Cape

Phuket Part 2- Kata Beach Bum

Last week was my first week of school which was nice, but certainly hectic. I'm teaching 3rd through 6th grade, and will admit that some of my students are a handful, but most are lovely and truly brighten my day. Its always nice to walk into a sea of smiling faces and hear Helllloooo Teacherrrr … Continue reading Phuket Part 2- Kata Beach Bum

Phuket Part 1

I've been in Phuket for the last couple of weeks. I will be here for at least 6 months teaching, so haven't been in a rush to do everything. Also finally got settled in in my new apartment, and have a motorcycle now, so have been able to start doing a little more. I start … Continue reading Phuket Part 1

My 2nd Adventure in Bangkok

Incase you missed it, I made my first post about Bangkok a week or so ago. Bangkok, What I did, What I missed. It went into what I did last summer in Bangkok, and what I would have liked to do this trip that I missed out on the first time. Extremely happy with my couple … Continue reading My 2nd Adventure in Bangkok

Bangkok, What I did, What I missed

Wow, I'm about to return to Bangkok tomorrow! Its been nice being back home, seeing my friends a little after Europe, but of course, am glad to finally be getting back abroad and to start teaching again. Over the last week I have been reminiscing and looking through old photos, and I've been growing more … Continue reading Bangkok, What I did, What I missed

Upwards and Onwards to Phuket

My month long job hunt is finally over. As you all know I really wanted to go to Japan. I was turned down after two seemingly promising interviews with a school in Kochi, Japan. I  also turned down a different recruiter in Tokyo because I didn't like the terms of the contract, and at the … Continue reading Upwards and Onwards to Phuket