Taking A Break

As I like to do, I think its time for a break. I think this will be a longer break, but hope to be back sometime in mid-late February. I just have felt uninspired to write lately, and my mind has been completely blank for the most part. Which is a good thing. If I … Continue reading Taking A Break


I’m Back!!

To my close followers, I'm extremely sorry that I disappeared without saying anything for a hiatus of now 3+ months. Since being back home in Vegas after returning from Phuket, I have tried to keep consistent with this blog, updating it everyday, or almost everyday as well as staying devoted to my favorite blogs. After a … Continue reading I’m Back!!


Alcoholic millionaire Another fine seasoned scotch Soon returning home Bowling pins on sidewalk Unknowingly almost struck -- Addicted to scales Fluctuating through the day Sacrificing health Gravity's affirmation Identity's lethal weight -- Ten thousand follows Mindlessly preached mindfulness Business prospers Completely disconnected Grave digger attached to shovel -- Some things money can buy Possessing sugar … Continue reading Metrics

Helloooo Teacher Sherif Part 3– Peter Pan

"I hadn't planned on being a teacher, but after I actually became one I discovered a deeper respect and affection for the profession than I ever imagined I'd have. More, accurately, really, I should say that I happened to discover myself. I'd stand at the front of the classroom teaching my primary-school students basic facts about … Continue reading Helloooo Teacher Sherif Part 3– Peter Pan


Words filter in, they go Others replace them, also fading Eventually They stick After arranging and re-arranging Themselves  Floating, dissipating, re-emerging  Fragmented  Put back together until  They evolve  Into destiny Separate points  Connected without touching  Enveloping unity between  Parallel dreams  Space filled-- creating This poem  Photography by Manjari Sharma

My 26th Birthday Thoughts

Until yesterday, my last post talked about how I now am doing online teaching English with DadaABC and am loving it. You can read about it in detail here. Its the last month of the summer, and there are all sorts of extra hours available before the kids go back to school, so I decided … Continue reading My 26th Birthday Thoughts


They hadn't spoken in some time. A growing nostalgia metastasizing in each of them. Traveling mind-readers forgetting their mission in the mist. Now turning towards another, interrupting the rustling. Discouragement smeared on her face as her cheeks sunk, she grabbed his arm and said, 'we should have seen it by now.' 'The gate was supposed to be on … Continue reading Where

A Whole New World

The quill's ink fails Words vanish on their own Mystery on the dusty parchment A futile attempt as I hide behind my moon She accompanies me in the oasis of my slumber Phantoms can't infect my solace as I pour my ink into the night Illuminated by distant reveries shimmering so far away Conquering humanity … Continue reading A Whole New World


Lights sputter-- A cat is hypnotized by her performance Curiosity blossoming in the shadows so crisp Relinquishing darkness to the glittery ornaments Each breath a blessing in the timeless ethereal wisp Up high gracefully continuing on her stroll A frozen cat pirouettes at the edge of the world The admiring insomniac in trance to extol … Continue reading Admirer