EDC Las Vegas 2017

I hadn't expected to be going to EDC this year. With my leg still dealing with atrophy and having just started a new job I thought I would be sitting it out, but with some convincing from my best friend in which I truly am grateful for, I made it for my 4th year in … Continue reading EDC Las Vegas 2017


10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Phuket Right Meow!

Will Keep this short and sweet and my final thoughts on leaving for a different post. Enjoy 🙂 1. The people - Phuket has a wonderful mix of friendly locals and expats. I stayed in Chalong so had my friends that I taught with as well as others I met on Muay Thai Road that were … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Phuket Right Meow!

Phuket Part 4– Sarasin Bridge Joy Ride

Today was my last day in Phuket. Over the last month I had discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle. The wind on my cheeks while going fast, the ease of handling, and also wriggling through traffic. I thought what better way to spend my last day in Phuket by taking a joy ride from … Continue reading Phuket Part 4– Sarasin Bridge Joy Ride

Phuket Part 3– The Big Buddha And Phrom Thep Cape

Yesterday was a pretty wonderful day. On the way to Kata beach the previous two times I had always seen the Big Buddha overlooking both Kata and Chalong, but never really knew how to get there. To my excitement I found it was accessible by Chalong, where I live now, so decided last weekend to … Continue reading Phuket Part 3– The Big Buddha And Phrom Thep Cape

My 2nd Adventure in Bangkok

Incase you missed it, I made my first post about Bangkok a week or so ago. Bangkok, What I did, What I missed. It went into what I did last summer in Bangkok, and what I would have liked to do this trip that I missed out on the first time. Extremely happy with my couple … Continue reading My 2nd Adventure in Bangkok

Upwards and Onwards to Phuket

My month long job hunt is finally over. As you all know I really wanted to go to Japan. I was turned down after two seemingly promising interviews with a school in Kochi, Japan. I  also turned down a different recruiter in Tokyo because I didn't like the terms of the contract, and at the … Continue reading Upwards and Onwards to Phuket

Phoneless Pharaohing in Buddhapest Day 1

Sadly this morning while waking up I fumbled my phone and it went from cracked to shattered.  In this majestic city I don't have the means to take photos right at this moment. This, however, will not stop me from sharing my experiences and thoughts here with you. I also reminisced of my last night … Continue reading Phoneless Pharaohing in Buddhapest Day 1