Phoenix #2

The heroin So irresistible Lamenting, pretending No heroine She's subdued--  By stagnancy  The quill scribbles  Ignorant to intention  Never fulfilled Nightmare replaces nightmare Dreamer incinerated  Strung along in hypnosis Denial anchored Through each new life Segregated further  Preaching Yet no Application of Beautiful sermons  Desperate wishes Of validation  Sonnets received  She burns in hell No … Continue reading Phoenix #2


ID Aim

Aimed Identification Pivoting in despair Inconsistent breaths Capillary catacombs Another sludge bath beneath Sniping himself Oasis’ perpetual illusion As worlds are obliterated Nuked Consciousness Misconstrued capacity Waiting for the scope The rusty guillotine Remains frozen Trigger clutched Image taken from Google Images


Flopping about  In the sarcophagus  A fish out of breath  Unable to conceive  How fragments shatter Divided Like fornicating cells   In the futile fortress  Blankets wrapped tight  Yet susceptible  To the phalanx  Of Cobras Biting  At my heart  Restless, Encumbered sleep Through toxicity  Of your ripe mangoes  Those silky spread pillars  In the air  … Continue reading Encumbered


Neck firm in place Waiting in hell for heaven Guillotine above No knocks on wood Not yet, Granted permission Squirming in space Laps around the maze Seemingly suffocating Gasping for air Far from the center Nowhere always arrived An ungraspable identity clasped At each destination strung Rung after rung Sliding down endlessly Fictional or manifested … Continue reading Exile

The Phoenix

Chained to the bed  Broken wings,  Blood-stained sheets,  Motionless and tattered  In the darkness  Praying for a piano  Through the roof  --  Ask and you Shall receive--  Under the moon's spotlight Irreplaceable flint  Illuminating lava  in her eyes  Soot filling the room  Spies and demons incinerated  Her quill, like her feathers  Reveries, melting hearts And … Continue reading The Phoenix


I should have trusted my first instinct. I knew I couldn't commit, so here I am, on this peaceful night, trekking with the whole universe to myself. I couldnt commit to the status quo, so bargained with the executioner. I left my family and friends to travel to my own universe. There is no one to argue with here, and I … Continue reading Through


Accustomed to perpetual deja vu The room dark and her cheeks always blue  Cauldron boiling as resentment ensues Managing to remain unchanged in view  Runways on the ceiling covered by dark  Sunken and sulking missing the mark  Only an instant-- a flicker-- a spark Eyes closed, opened eye to silence her bark Fangs puncturing the … Continue reading Regret

No Longer

Trampled, broken, bruised Stuck between white and black hues Attempting to muse Asynchronous flow  Feebly swirling the undertow  Drowning in sorrow  Hypothermia Shivering to convulsions  Seizures inside sew  Seems seamless and fine Scars and gashes but no sign  No longer aligned Image taken from:

13 Reasons Why– There Is A Happy Ending

Last Sunday before I went to Kata Beach, I watched the first episode of 13 Reasons Why. It immediately made me depressed and to reminisce on high school, which was the beginning seven or eight years of battling through depression, four suicide attempts, and what I now come to real-eyes as the journey through myself. I've … Continue reading 13 Reasons Why– There Is A Happy Ending