Standard deviations From drowning In a well To soaring above The canopy The densest forests  Concealed visions  Most comforting,  Fragments strung, Quilts An illusion of necessity Submerged,  Blizzards paused Business subsides Grasped ladder Glistening wings  Buoyant with gravity  Talons open Atonement in clouds  Image taken from Pinterest



'But if I lost myself where could I go?' 'If its a couple of days, you can stay at my place.  You'd always be welcome-- the you who lost you.  -Haruki Murakami Image taken from Pinterest

A Whole New World

The quill's ink fails Words vanish on their own Mystery on the dusty parchment A futile attempt as I hide behind my moon She accompanies me in the oasis of my slumber Phantoms can't infect my solace as I pour my ink into the night Illuminated by distant reveries shimmering so far away Conquering humanity … Continue reading A Whole New World


Flowing amongst us Empowering synergy Particles vibrate Dancing vessels Cutting shapes shuffling space Mending modesty Sparkling surfers Gliding on blacktop's glitter Breeding their glow A traveling eye In an eternal storm-- all Seeing cyan waves recede Image taken from: Pinterest I also thought The Blacktop was one of my better poems, so please check it out … Continue reading Synchronicity


Please listen to at least a minute of this song before you read this poem. Its may be the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I got separated from my best friend at EDC yesterday towards the end of the night. I tried looking for him for about a half hour, and of … Continue reading Witness


A heavily rehearsed soliloquy's gambit When acting becomes believing or a manifestation Currency is shared between two racers on a circuit Bribing the spies to resist obscuring the new relation Tip-toeing goes the merry-go-round on the surface Reflecting radiance on a drum roll on mirrors As exchanging dreams and modesties raise the furnace From  a … Continue reading Interview

Inner Space

I gaze up at tiny fireflies so far away in darkness. Frozen orbs. Titans imprisoned. Imaginary distance dilutes our ability to clearly see inside our own universe as we create impassable barriers. Beautiful stalagmite sleds honing our awe as we happily slide. Sometimes I forget myself and falsely describe this life as mine, when we all inner-stand by seeing it … Continue reading Inner Space

The Dreamer and The Dream

"There is a dreamer, and there is the dreamer of the dream. The dream is a short-- lived play of forms. It is the world-- relatively real but not absolutely real. Then there is the dreamer, the absolute reality in which the forms come and go. The dreamer is not the person. The person is part of the dream. The dreamer … Continue reading The Dreamer and The Dream