Standard deviations From drowning In a well To soaring above The canopy The densest forests  Concealed visions  Most comforting,  Fragments strung, Quilts An illusion of necessity Submerged,  Blizzards paused Business subsides Grasped ladder Glistening wings  Buoyant with gravity  Talons open Atonement in clouds  Image taken from Pinterest



Lying to us both you waited in traffic.  You said you'd you lie there for my return,  but I had already left. Will lost, while waiting  for fate, I dreamt while awake. Preserved through  memory-- perpetuated until prophecies were fulfilled. Searing red into a dividing white, waiting here for my return, but you've brought me here. … Continue reading Divide


Orbital by Sherif Vuich with reading via youtube 🙂 You're right. You will likely never see me again. Don't cry. This physical world is fleeting, but although I will never be part of yours, I will always exist as a part of you, a reminder of what I accessed within you. Every time a … Continue reading Orbital


Fragmented the parts obliterate the whole. Bent-- distorted you scatter me and Im immobile in crossing between fact and fiction. Acceptance yields destruction. Denial of deterioration affirms continuity of the broken spectacle. You stare as you hope for validation but your shards forget their puppet master. Bleeding inside out the evident indifference. Outside the soft tickle of the dusk … Continue reading Denial