Faith in Continuity

Despite the fact that WordPress is an extremely phony community for the most part, many people presenting their most authentic selves, with the hopes of being understood, being heard, but in return, likely skimming through others work, clicking 'like' without even reading, desperately following as many blogs as possible for self promotion, and leaving the … Continue reading Faith in Continuity


This Might Be The End

Hello guys, As you know I've recently taken a 3 month break. I thought that upon returning, my own thoughts towards my blog would change. They had originally, but are now back to the same old, stale thoughts of wondering why I was even here. As much as I'd like to believe that WordPress is … Continue reading This Might Be The End


How much of myself  Do I reveal Concealed in an Inconsistent narrative  Behind a convex mirror Dissonant projections Reluctantly released  He sees something  An extra terrestrial  Slowly and surely Doubts rise like  A bludgeoned sun In the morn  After a new moon sunk  Vulnerable No longer virtual   I release myself  Fuller disclosure  Defragmented as  … Continue reading Disclosure