Inspired by my wonderful students. I am blessed. ūüôā Blueprints for time travel¬† Children's contagious laughter Surfing memory¬† Replicating novelty Presence perpetuates¬† Image taken from Pinterest  


The Phoenix

Chained to the bed¬† Broken wings,¬† Blood-stained sheets,¬† Motionless and tattered¬† In the darkness¬† Praying for a piano¬† Through the roof¬† --¬† Ask and you Shall receive--¬† Under the moon's spotlight Irreplaceable flint¬† Illuminating lava ¬†in her eyes¬† Soot filling the room¬† Spies and demons incinerated¬† Her quill, like her feathers¬† Reveries, melting hearts And … Continue reading The Phoenix


Each petal Slowly unfurled From the beautifully Sculpted stem Nourished by Storms of kisses Ensuing I inhale your fragrance Freezing time, The drum line performance Of ignited crickets The crescendo Of moaning winds Scent of lavender Taste of strawberries Must be immortal Somehow Alive Despite your thorns Photograhy by¬†Leyla  


Nestled in a familiar place In the silence-- stacks Blurry pages straining my eyes Squinting so hard To keep the record skipping Decipherable yet undeciphered¬† Still, while¬† New volumes¬†recorded over Lamenting all the memory wasted¬† As storage is growing full,¬† But can't just light these files on fire¬† Even though we went Up in smoke … Continue reading Memory


Swaying effortlessly  Coaxed by merciful winds  On Rainbow surfboard  -- Rejuvenating  Metronome of cicadas  Awaiting nightfall  -- Ripples serenade  Indefatigable  Fish scales shimmering -- Unseen galaxy  Reflects ocean's abundance  Azure currency  Image taken from ALK3R 

La Matadora

I found myself fidgeting I tried to resist What for? Bound so tightly In your lasso Ensnaring eyes Yet willingly I'm yanked along A mellifluous hypnotist One of many enamored cattle¬† Herded for the slaughter¬† -- A cowgirl getting what she wants In her lasso Suffocated more and more¬† A seductive smile Tattooed to all … Continue reading La Matadora


Evacuating the mausoleum¬† If only for an instant An empty cave Unwanted recognition¬† Noisy, dreary applause throughout Submerged-- a¬†sanctum¬† A waking bear yawns¬† Hiatus from hibernation Calibrating new reality Connected to the cub¬† A fluctuating exhibit¬†¬† Image taken from Pinterest  


Stored away In these familiar catacombs I go back,¬† The pages withering¬† The dim light flickering I can barely trace the outline¬† Your silhouette in the dark Its absence sparked¬† Deepening space An unforgettable face Hidden between The margins¬† Separating on this shore¬† Soundless waves ¬† Crashing-- Enveloping--¬† Igniting-- What no words can describe¬† And … Continue reading Silhouettes


Why deny a nice meal Do I need to Wrap that salmon with A pretty ribbon Would you prefer Roaches squirming Peacefully Salmon rain from the sky Accept it You're your own Umbrella deflecting Gifts so golden Rejuvenated Tickled by each drop Image taken from