Inhaling pollen Mushrooms drift  Across celestial sky  Euphoria in emerald waters  Seduced into svasna  In deep blackness  Driftwood remains Despite--   Tides, pollution, erosion Floating, Still   



My phone In hand Futile attempts at Capturing Your beauty My spear Aroused and unsheathe  I am A peaceful Warrior Yet I yearn For hypnosis Dismembered orientation Silky, smooth Tasting Divinity, reflected In chocolate pools Image from google images

Siem Reap, Cambodia Part 2 Sunset Lake Tour

I was extremely hesitant about going on this tour. It was scheduled from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM, and sounded absolutely wonderful, but knowing how Southeast Asians are with respect to timeliness, and the fact that I had a flight at 10:30 PM, it felt like a gamble. I couldn't have been more grateful that … Continue reading Siem Reap, Cambodia Part 2 Sunset Lake Tour


Polar sides of bed Aliens in loving arms Abducted—where is she  If I hold her until morning Will she return   Can I tranquilize  The abductor With kisses Can I peel off Each layer Of the cocoon Butterfly reborn Wings spread Shimmering with due Abductor abducted As she holds him Closer  and closer  Image taken … Continue reading Abducted

Away From here– Poetic Interpretation   Despite the whispers Of waves Telling me To let go I sit straddling the fence Between now and then Memories cling Like hooks to fish Suffering, reformulating Reincarnated--  All I once thought  Unknowingly Returns, restrung Like an onion, Stripped bare, layer By layer Tears of joy Basking in what's left No longer subject … Continue reading Away From here– Poetic Interpretation


My vision, sewn-- to rows of pristine emerald pools bordering white sands My ear's frequency, tuned-- to morning roosters cocking, stray dogs howling, cicadas humming My heartbeat, in unison-- to waves sighing, motorcycle engines whirring, yours wrapped around mine My fingers, yearning-- lustrous limestone a moist cave stitched to yours How could I relocate When my … Continue reading Bound

In a World Unmanifested

You and I making Love underneath jealous stars Serenaded by colliding waves In a world unmanifested Where my inner infinite Manifested in all Fleeting forms Blessedly infected with light In a world unmanifested I'm no longer alive Bones disintegrating Enriching soil Nourishing my mother Ignorant, unintentional murder Subsequent consequences In a world unmanifested Seeing all … Continue reading In a World Unmanifested


Immersed in isness Wind gently creates ripples Streams happily flow Shimmering wings induce Trance of inner-standing Still-- ethereal Blessed audience One of many fairy sisters She decides to create Seen or unseen fate Amongst fictional or real worlds Audience converges Time stripped out of space Moon looms in silver sublime Fluttering, leaving Photography by Rhapsody Boheme … Continue reading Audience