Alcoholic millionaire Another fine seasoned scotch Soon returning home Bowling pins on sidewalk Unknowingly almost struck -- Addicted to scales Fluctuating through the day Sacrificing health Gravity's affirmation Identity's lethal weight -- Ten thousand follows Mindlessly preached mindfulness Business prospers Completely disconnected Grave digger attached to shovel -- Some things money can buy Possessing sugar … Continue reading Metrics


Aly and Fila- We Control The Sunlight

Inspired by We Control the Sunlight by Aly and Fila Space particles walk Synchronized by creator No longer fragmented Infinite angles Light arrives and envelops Absorbing itself Aly and Fila is one of my favorite trance DJ's. Have spent so much time in a state of trance listening to their music, so in spirit of … Continue reading Aly and Fila- We Control The Sunlight


Nestled in a familiar place In the silence-- stacks Blurry pages straining my eyes Squinting so hard To keep the record skipping Decipherable yet undeciphered  Still, while  New volumes recorded over Lamenting all the memory wasted  As storage is growing full,  But can't just light these files on fire  Even though we went Up in smoke … Continue reading Memory

Speak Parrot

'All you can do is repeat? Come on, we've been echoing our shadows for too long' the jaguar said to the parrot as he leaped from his branch. 'Come on, we've been echoing our shadows for too long', the parrot squawked without moving. 'You didn't learn much did you, you need a foundation before you can lay bricks.' … Continue reading Speak Parrot

My 26th Birthday Thoughts

Until yesterday, my last post talked about how I now am doing online teaching English with DadaABC and am loving it. You can read about it in detail here. Its the last month of the summer, and there are all sorts of extra hours available before the kids go back to school, so I decided … Continue reading My 26th Birthday Thoughts

La Matadora

I found myself fidgeting I tried to resist What for? Bound so tightly In your lasso Ensnaring eyes Yet willingly I'm yanked along A mellifluous hypnotist One of many enamored cattle  Herded for the slaughter  -- A cowgirl getting what she wants In her lasso Suffocated more and more  A seductive smile Tattooed to all … Continue reading La Matadora


Stored away In these familiar catacombs I go back,  The pages withering  The dim light flickering I can barely trace the outline  Your silhouette in the dark Its absence sparked  Deepening space An unforgettable face Hidden between The margins  Separating on this shore  Soundless waves   Crashing-- Enveloping--  Igniting-- What no words can describe  And … Continue reading Silhouettes


Why deny a nice meal Do I need to Wrap that salmon with A pretty ribbon Would you prefer Roaches squirming Peacefully Salmon rain from the sky Accept it You're your own Umbrella deflecting Gifts so golden Rejuvenated Tickled by each drop Image taken from