Conversation With Myself Part 6 I Just Feel Like Writing Sherif: I just feel like Writing. Pharaoh: But not poetry, or we wouldn't be having another one of these would we? Sherif: The veil of poetry has gotten somewhat old, I haven't particularly been in a poetic mood lately. I have several poems in drafts I could post right now, but none of them … Continue reading Conversation With Myself Part 6 I Just Feel Like Writing



Hey fellow Pharaohs! How's it going? I know my blog tends to be a bit random. A lot of musings, sometimes music, sometimes movie reviews, and a bit of travel adventures, but I would say the form of writing I enjoy the most is definitely poetry! Recently a fellow blogger made a post seeking collaborators … Continue reading Collaboration!?

Meaning, Form, Pronunciation

Explained, but likely unknown. That which must be explained cannot be understood. Inner-standing-- amorphous within the body paragraph. Formed by experiences, diluted by time, or fresh in an undefined time in the lost now. Found howls and serenades-- enunciated at different frequencies. Frequently attempting to find meaning, separated by language. Held and intertwined-- an exclamation mark in a gorgeous set … Continue reading Meaning, Form, Pronunciation


The crow and the pigeon walk along the city center. Suits, dress shirts, cameras, and lights abundant in this city of sin. A new experience and they now feel like tourists. They enjoy the simplicity of a simple stroll. En route to The Magical Slice of Pizza. Aria behind-- cosmos ahead. Secret pizza in an … Continue reading Orientation

Conversation With Myself Part 2

Conversation With Myself   Sherif: Hmmm.. sigh... I don't think this Barcelona trip has been going as planned. Pharaoh: Why do you think that? Sherif: Well, I was really hoping to make a life for myself in Barcelona. I wanted to make all sorts of close friends and I wanted to profoundly impact my … Continue reading Conversation With Myself Part 2

First Sun, Top of the World Last week before leaving for Barcelona, Pharaoh wanted the perfect picture for his blog. He thought of himself reaching up towards the sky from Red Rock canyon and holding the sun in the palm of his hand like a small orange prism radiating in every direction. He wanted to control the sunlight. He didn't … Continue reading First Sun, Top of the World

Richard Parker Slithers Forward

The poem down below is meant to cheer a fellow blogger up. She was sent a dick pic today, and feels her blog has been plagiarized by others as well, so is going through a pretty rough time. When I first followed her, she posted a 60-item-long bucket list. It got me to thinking of … Continue reading Richard Parker Slithers Forward

Pharaoh’s Cobra and Furukihara’s Cave

Pharaoh boards his connecting flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Miami. The second of three connecting flights he would need to take in order to reach Barcelona. He sits in the middle aisle seat in the center of the plane. He sees a petite nimble Japanese woman approaching on the right aisle. He hopes that … Continue reading Pharaoh’s Cobra and Furukihara’s Cave


Heisenberg, Pow-blow, Loco diablo Direct a subject Coerce til his hearse Barrel in mouth Bitter murky sweat Choices are now south Sanity long left Those truly loved Deprived of the truth Those fueled by hate All reciprocate Persuade all but me Crystal Persuasion Purity attained Hiatus, but no gain Cowboys and Indians Revolvers and arrows … Continue reading Power