Siem Reap, Cambodia Part 1, Angkor Wat and Surrounding Temples

Until the day before arriving in Siem Reap, little did I know that I would be seeing far more temples than merely Angkor Wat. Although dilapidated and damaged, Unesco has done a wonderful job of preserving these temples. The first temple we saw was Bayan, constructed in the 11th century. Cambodia, historically, followed the Hindu … Continue reading Siem Reap, Cambodia Part 1, Angkor Wat and Surrounding Temples


EDC Las Vegas 2017

I hadn't expected to be going to EDC this year. With my leg still dealing with atrophy and having just started a new job I thought I would be sitting it out, but with some convincing from my best friend in which I truly am grateful for, I made it for my 4th year in … Continue reading EDC Las Vegas 2017

Carnaval! Barcelona Week 3

I've experienced every emotion imaginable this week, and have been in every different state of mind within a wide assortment of situations. I was extremely hopeful about the Celta program after last week and a few of the blogs I produced, but due to my inability to small talk retreated back into my cave. This … Continue reading Carnaval! Barcelona Week 3

Lord of The Rings

One ring to rule them all One ring to contain their space The dark lord imprisoned by crows in the clouds A ring of students surround the Pharaoh Some gaze into the square to derive meaning The reading confusing English to Spanish Dividing the barriers A compass connecting Desiring to be at one There can … Continue reading Lord of The Rings