My phone In hand Futile attempts at Capturing Your beauty My spear Aroused and unsheathe  I am A peaceful Warrior Yet I yearn For hypnosis Dismembered orientation Silky, smooth Tasting Divinity, reflected In chocolate pools Image from google images



Polar sides of bed Aliens in loving arms Abducted—where is she  If I hold her until morning Will she return   Can I tranquilize  The abductor With kisses Can I peel off Each layer Of the cocoon Butterfly reborn Wings spread Shimmering with due Abductor abducted As she holds him Closer  and closer  Image taken … Continue reading Abducted


Each petal Slowly unfurled From the beautifully Sculpted stem Nourished by Storms of kisses Ensuing I inhale your fragrance Freezing time, The drum line performance Of ignited crickets The crescendo Of moaning winds Scent of lavender Taste of strawberries Must be immortal Somehow Alive Despite your thorns Photograhy by Leyla  


It seems too vivid to be a dream Each spasm as I gasp for air A gracious prisoner in this room  With eyes closed and your tongue caressing  Sweeping all that isn't as each layer of  Me is peeled away like an onion Tickled as you begin with soft pecks and kisses  Burnt eyes-- hypnotizing-- … Continue reading Layers

Empty Bed

This bed never felt so empty. Only a few days ago you were beside me. Snuggled into my arms as you peacefully snoozed the night away. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do the same. I had one thing and one thing only on my mind-- that I would be boarding a plane in less than … Continue reading Empty Bed

In The Stars

Slit between her thighs Clenched in crescendo of sighs One moment-- time dies Neck tickled kitty purrs Cowgirl's knees up above spurs Sight distorted sound deterred Whispers in my ear Eyes closed seeing crystal clear Reality a fear Volcanoes charge Reveries lower the barge To this world of fiction A beautiful depiction Meshed in the stars … Continue reading In The Stars

Worker Bee

The hourglass toppled over me Richest nectar moving south Gracefully as if a floating bumblebee  hushed by each sting from her mouth  Massaging each ball sucked in by quick sand Time frozen as the hourglass is hidden  With each bob of her head gold is panned  Materials and worries all become ridden  Crisp is the … Continue reading Worker Bee

Treasure Chest

The roses on your breasts Silky, thornless, and so sweet As we connect our treasure chests Any sorrow stored will surely deplete You grasp my firm buttocks and guide Like a jackhammer on a scorching sidewalk pried open to the center of the beautiful planet Getting hotter and damper-- an unyielding magnet You throw your … Continue reading Treasure Chest