Standard deviations From drowning In a well To soaring above The canopy The densest forests  Concealed visions  Most comforting,  Fragments strung, Quilts An illusion of necessity Submerged,  Blizzards paused Business subsides Grasped ladder Glistening wings  Buoyant with gravity  Talons open Atonement in clouds  Image taken from Pinterest



Inspired by Haruki Murakami's Wind up Bird Chronicle Down here to think  Overwhelming darkness  Solace provided An occasional glimpse  From the sun incepting  Time Confirming my  Reality One of many I've existed in   In the interim-- In between,  Musing, patched together  Currents manipulated Imperfect memories, Sewn in synchronicity,  Or ignored in Asynchronous torrents  Released  … Continue reading Defragmented

Siem Reap, Cambodia Part 1, Angkor Wat and Surrounding Temples

Until the day before arriving in Siem Reap, little did I know that I would be seeing far more temples than merely Angkor Wat. Although dilapidated and damaged, Unesco has done a wonderful job of preserving these temples. The first temple we saw was Bayan, constructed in the 11th century. Cambodia, historically, followed the Hindu … Continue reading Siem Reap, Cambodia Part 1, Angkor Wat and Surrounding Temples


Lacking electricity Flowing through talons Stagnant interactions Conducted in stale skies Each flight back here Failing to acknowledge Routes flown Hearts shown -- 'Where were you I sat waiting, But you chose still To return with your back Faced away from us,' Although drowning Duty, elasticity, Prevents you From leaving Your perch Always available Photography … Continue reading Elasticity


Unorthodox svasna  From within a hollow Shell, the sea turtle  Peers  Behind closed eyes Explosions of crimson,  Lemonade savored Prussian dynasties fall In azure currency  Legs locked  A motionless propellor  Fingers laced  Swans sway in cyan  Dormant buoyancy  Slight gurgling  Muffled splashes Jet skis roars Drowned to  Cathartic whispers  The aurora of  Lights penetrating  The … Continue reading Driftwood

The Ladder

Chameleon climbs  Adaptable arsenal Patiently on perch  Square one realized  Despite quickened pace on ladder Preserved humility  Weathering blizzards Lept up, despite missing rungs  Melted inertia  Inner applause ensues  Looking down from the summit  Prepared for descent Image taken from Pinterest


Very excited about my first collaboration!! My haiku is the 2nd 🙂 Also, The Eyes + Words writers community is a wonderful place to network and meet other aspiring writers. I am fairly active on there, and it has been a fun experience so far. Everyone is very supportive, and offers helpful feedback. I hope you will join us if interested!!

Eyes + Words

An Eyes + Words Writers Group Creation

Written byPharaoh Maktuk, Deah Caldwell,
Mil Williams, Andrew James Blair and Santore Imelda

The internal manifestation
Of fear, love, spirit–
Glimpses into future lives

Descend from the clouds
Still here, everywhere
Dreams never ceasing

External – aside
Faithfully saw sadness hang
Free the tree of shame

Outwardly, yet not
A struggle, a strive, to net
Thrive beyond survive

Spun in labyrinth
Straddling hope, persevering
Rain erodes– darkness

Photo by Steve Halama

Over the years Eyes + Words has turned into a wonderful budding family of over fifteen thousand people across all platforms. It’s surreal and humbling to know that the art of poetry and story is alive and thriving. That being said, I hope that the creation of the Eyes + Words Writers Group serves as a vehicle and launch pad to help and support writers and the aspiring…

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Dominoes collide Until Crows circle Above Hazy towards the end, unparalleled gratitude All fragments Return Shuffle the deck, Deja Vu Having Been here-- A now before Tallying suicides Change intended From previous Orbit This world will be Better than the last Although-- I've been Dealt The same hand Photography taken from Edge of Humanity Magazine

Away From here– Poetic Interpretation   Despite the whispers Of waves Telling me To let go I sit straddling the fence Between now and then Memories cling Like hooks to fish Suffering, reformulating Reincarnated--  All I once thought  Unknowingly Returns, restrung Like an onion, Stripped bare, layer By layer Tears of joy Basking in what's left No longer subject … Continue reading Away From here– Poetic Interpretation