In tranquil meadow  Gracious dandelions dance While dwindling away Accepted mortality Joyful glow as the wind blows   Image taken from Pinterest


Phuket Part 1

I've been in Phuket for the last couple of weeks. I will be here for at least 6 months teaching, so haven't been in a rush to do everything. Also finally got settled in in my new apartment, and have a motorcycle now, so have been able to start doing a little more. I start … Continue reading Phuket Part 1

Barcelona Days 1-2, Stream of Consciousness

My CELTA starts on Monday, and I've had two of five total days so far to be a tourist. Have been pretty worried about my knee, but haven't let it deter me from making the most of my time here. When I feel pain I have enough awareness to stop at a cafe or restaurant … Continue reading Barcelona Days 1-2, Stream of Consciousness