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How Many More Years

How many more years? An unanswered shriek piercing the most prized armor. A web of convoluted lies silencing all volume. A Later now repeatedly howling a prior. Here, you no longer are replaced by your ghost that remains forgetting all from before. Shackled by time ticking slowly on its finite path with clear blood trickling from your breasts leaving no droplets to trail. … Continue reading How Many More Years


Aimlessly traversing far from home I was told you would leave your door open. Further barricaded in you retreat. I chased you far away to this frozen haven. I see an open door and willingly enter. You were not home, but I happily stayed. The same frozen warmth was here at is was before. Waiting together as the ice thaws … Continue reading Isolation


Silently staring across a meadow tapping the felt. Waiting to see if the story unfolds as expected. A senseless line transparent. Rewinding each road and seeing the subjectivity of his flow. Back broken but tower rising. A masked ninja checks  back planning his next assault. No physical tell can be spotted, but the bubbles are apparent from the steaming … Continue reading Check

Phoneless Pharaohing Part 3– Jason Mraz Concert in Budapest Upon receiving my ticket from the admission counter it said, row 2 seat 1. I immediately became ecstatic at the fact that I would be in the 2nd row for my favorite singer of all time! I sat next to a girl who was studying in Budapest, originally from Turkey. She had also studied … Continue reading Phoneless Pharaohing Part 3– Jason Mraz Concert in Budapest


Cackling taps the shoes of passersby. Heading forward the laughs unheard spread open a shell. Remnants of brown shards perpetuating gluttony. If only a glass still half full-- better to be in-joy later. Ravished and nothing remains. A small cup of wine lapped out of like a trough. A-mazed through continuity. Spun--trapped-- wishing to be devoured. Shelob never … Continue reading Sting

Why I Write- The Importance of Storytelling

This is going to be ridiculously random so stay with me. Really hope you all read this through. I've seen a few of these lately, so decided to do one myself. I had a Tumblr for 4 years called Shooich's stream of consciousness which was more or less my diary, and I never received any … Continue reading Why I Write- The Importance of Storytelling

Unfolding in Barcelona

I woke up this morning feeling amazing. The sky was glittery and it seemed like the sun was patiently hiding behind the buildings of my flat-- gracing with me with a light show as the clouds sifted through. I sat there while it unfolded, but inevitably had to get ready to go to class. My … Continue reading Unfolding in Barcelona