Hypnotized fireflies Gazing up,  Their reflections  Entwined  In this battle  Within space  Which is the observer  And how many levels  Of mirrors reverberating  awareness-- exist  Through this labyrinth Of reality  Dew cradles my cheek Unfelt space But seeing that which is felt A gentle reminder, These duplicates Are blind to the Aurora of lanterns Above,  … Continue reading Observed



Inhaling pollen Mushrooms drift  Across celestial sky  Euphoria in emerald waters  Seduced into svasna  In deep blackness  Driftwood remains Despite--   Tides, pollution, erosion Floating, Still   

Siem Reap, Cambodia Part 1, Angkor Wat and Surrounding Temples

Until the day before arriving in Siem Reap, little did I know that I would be seeing far more temples than merely Angkor Wat. Although dilapidated and damaged, Unesco has done a wonderful job of preserving these temples. The first temple we saw was Bayan, constructed in the 11th century. Cambodia, historically, followed the Hindu … Continue reading Siem Reap, Cambodia Part 1, Angkor Wat and Surrounding Temples

My Thoughts on 2017 and Dreams of 2018

2017 has definitely been one of the best years of my life. It was very much needed as 2016 was by far the worst year of my life. I was broken in so many ways during 2016. This year I finally transitioned out of poker, and became an English teacher. Part of me had always … Continue reading My Thoughts on 2017 and Dreams of 2018

Locked Away (4/4)

Little Red Riding Hood sits there, endowed by a twilight of cyan and violet. Waves dance across the shore, twirled by his windy partner. However, the partner was not too windy, more gentle, like a soothing massage on her back. An aura above seems to be her own, free, for all to grasp, sinking in the … Continue reading Locked Away (4/4)


Lacking electricity Flowing through talons Stagnant interactions Conducted in stale skies Each flight back here Failing to acknowledge Routes flown Hearts shown -- 'Where were you I sat waiting, But you chose still To return with your back Faced away from us,' Although drowning Duty, elasticity, Prevents you From leaving Your perch Always available Photography … Continue reading Elasticity

But Not Today

Piles and piles of  Sand, the mound Getting higher as  The hole gets deeper Obsessed over by  The irresistible  Demon  Many nameless faces Exploiting  You under-standing  Immobile, paralyzed As tarantulas tickle Your lotus body  Valar Morghulis  If only the venom  More lethal  More evacuations  From your sarcophagus I know too well An unabstainable lure  Ashes … Continue reading But Not Today


How much of myself  Do I reveal Concealed in an Inconsistent narrative  Behind a convex mirror Dissonant projections Reluctantly released  He sees something  An extra terrestrial  Slowly and surely Doubts rise like  A bludgeoned sun In the morn  After a new moon sunk  Vulnerable No longer virtual   I release myself  Fuller disclosure  Defragmented as  … Continue reading Disclosure


Unorthodox svasna  From within a hollow Shell, the sea turtle  Peers  Behind closed eyes Explosions of crimson,  Lemonade savored Prussian dynasties fall In azure currency  Legs locked  A motionless propellor  Fingers laced  Swans sway in cyan  Dormant buoyancy  Slight gurgling  Muffled splashes Jet skis roars Drowned to  Cathartic whispers  The aurora of  Lights penetrating  The … Continue reading Driftwood