My phone In hand Futile attempts at Capturing Your beauty My spear Aroused and unsheathe  I am A peaceful Warrior Yet I yearn For hypnosis Dismembered orientation Silky, smooth Tasting Divinity, reflected In chocolate pools Image from google images



Unquenchable cravings Sustained by records skipped Silhouettes ignored Different variables As I inhale your ashes From those ashes I rise A phoenix reborn Our silhouettes turn into oblivion yearnings As I exhale your memories Soot obstructing space Feeble grasps at restoring Fragments, as I’m dissolved Once again, in solution Of incinerated poetry and Discarded hope … Continue reading Craving


Polar sides of bed Aliens in loving arms Abducted—where is she  If I hold her until morning Will she return   Can I tranquilize  The abductor With kisses Can I peel off Each layer Of the cocoon Butterfly reborn Wings spread Shimmering with due Abductor abducted As she holds him Closer  and closer  Image taken … Continue reading Abducted


Flopping about  In the sarcophagus  A fish out of breath  Unable to conceive  How fragments shatter Divided Like fornicating cells   In the futile fortress  Blankets wrapped tight  Yet susceptible  To the phalanx  Of Cobras Biting  At my heart  Restless, Encumbered sleep Through toxicity  Of your ripe mangoes  Those silky spread pillars  In the air  … Continue reading Encumbered


My vision, sewn-- to rows of pristine emerald pools bordering white sands My ear's frequency, tuned-- to morning roosters cocking, stray dogs howling, cicadas humming My heartbeat, in unison-- to waves sighing, motorcycle engines whirring, yours wrapped around mine My fingers, yearning-- lustrous limestone a moist cave stitched to yours How could I relocate When my … Continue reading Bound


Each petal Slowly unfurled From the beautifully Sculpted stem Nourished by Storms of kisses Ensuing I inhale your fragrance Freezing time, The drum line performance Of ignited crickets The crescendo Of moaning winds Scent of lavender Taste of strawberries Must be immortal Somehow Alive Despite your thorns Photograhy by Leyla  

La Matadora

I found myself fidgeting I tried to resist What for? Bound so tightly In your lasso Ensnaring eyes Yet willingly I'm yanked along A mellifluous hypnotist One of many enamored cattle  Herded for the slaughter  -- A cowgirl getting what she wants In her lasso Suffocated more and more  A seductive smile Tattooed to all … Continue reading La Matadora


It seems too vivid to be a dream Each spasm as I gasp for air A gracious prisoner in this room  With eyes closed and your tongue caressing  Sweeping all that isn't as each layer of  Me is peeled away like an onion Tickled as you begin with soft pecks and kisses  Burnt eyes-- hypnotizing-- … Continue reading Layers