Unorthodox svasna  From within a hollow Shell, the sea turtle  Peers  Behind closed eyes Explosions of crimson,  Lemonade savored Prussian dynasties fall In azure currency  Legs locked  A motionless propellor  Fingers laced  Swans sway in cyan  Dormant buoyancy  Slight gurgling  Muffled splashes Jet skis roars Drowned to  Cathartic whispers  The aurora of  Lights penetrating  The … Continue reading Driftwood



Russian Aphrodite Dostoyevsky or Chekhov's fantasy Imprisoned to her phone  Attempted capture This moment  A streak of light  Across the shore  Between love And futility  Retreating behind a  Forest of palms The sun Surrenders For once I actually used my own photography haha!


Immersed in isness Wind gently creates ripples Streams happily flow Shimmering wings induce Trance of inner-standing Still-- ethereal Blessed audience One of many fairy sisters She decides to create Seen or unseen fate Amongst fictional or real worlds Audience converges Time stripped out of space Moon looms in silver sublime Fluttering, leaving Photography by Rhapsody Boheme … Continue reading Audience


Standstill with time  The light splashes  A nearby stream The flaps of birds Passing above  Below rooted  Deep breaths  No agony  Withstanding,  She peacefully endures No memory Lovers chisel their names  Children sack Minas Tirith  Selfishly using her branches  Innocently severing limbs  But roots remain growing  Trance inducing Embers fading  -- She snaps out  Remembering … Continue reading Withstanding


Swaying effortlessly  Coaxed by merciful winds  On Rainbow surfboard  -- Rejuvenating  Metronome of cicadas  Awaiting nightfall  -- Ripples serenade  Indefatigable  Fish scales shimmering -- Unseen galaxy  Reflects ocean's abundance  Azure currency  Image taken from ALK3R