Inspired by my wonderful students. I am blessed. ūüôā Blueprints for time travel¬† Children's contagious laughter Surfing memory¬† Replicating novelty Presence perpetuates¬† Image taken from Pinterest  



Nestled in a familiar place In the silence-- stacks Blurry pages straining my eyes Squinting so hard To keep the record skipping Decipherable yet undeciphered¬† Still, while¬† New volumes¬†recorded over Lamenting all the memory wasted¬† As storage is growing full,¬† But can't just light these files on fire¬† Even though we went Up in smoke … Continue reading Memory

Phoneless Pharaohing in Buddhapest Part 5- The End

I'm a week late on this post since I got back to the states last Tuesday. I haven't really had much of an urge to write lately, and have been readapting to being back home after being abroad. I have a couple interviews over the next couple days for schools in Japan and Thailand, so … Continue reading Phoneless Pharaohing in Buddhapest Part 5- The End