Look at her One of many snowflakes Flailing around In the blizzard Layers added instead of peeled Glowing for the camera Desperate in the dark  An identity Born and affirmed Freedom discarded  -- Show me the girl With less forms Less validation required Floating in humility Despite praise Beauty isn't incepted Despite most vain effort … Continue reading Facade



Inspired by Haruki Murakami's Wind up Bird Chronicle Down here to think  Overwhelming darkness  Solace provided An occasional glimpse  From the sun incepting  Time Confirming my  Reality One of many I've existed in   In the interim-- In between,  Musing, patched together  Currents manipulated Imperfect memories, Sewn in synchronicity,  Or ignored in Asynchronous torrents  Released  … Continue reading Defragmented

But Not Today

Piles and piles of  Sand, the mound Getting higher as  The hole gets deeper Obsessed over by  The irresistible  Demon  Many nameless faces Exploiting  You under-standing  Immobile, paralyzed As tarantulas tickle Your lotus body  Valar Morghulis  If only the venom  More lethal  More evacuations  From your sarcophagus I know too well An unabstainable lure  Ashes … Continue reading But Not Today


How much of myself  Do I reveal Concealed in an Inconsistent narrative  Behind a convex mirror Dissonant projections Reluctantly released  He sees something  An extra terrestrial  Slowly and surely Doubts rise like  A bludgeoned sun In the morn  After a new moon sunk  Vulnerable No longer virtual   I release myself  Fuller disclosure  Defragmented as  … Continue reading Disclosure

The Ladder

Chameleon climbs  Adaptable arsenal Patiently on perch  Square one realized  Despite quickened pace on ladder Preserved humility  Weathering blizzards Lept up, despite missing rungs  Melted inertia  Inner applause ensues  Looking down from the summit  Prepared for descent Image taken from Pinterest


Flopping about  In the sarcophagus  A fish out of breath  Unable to conceive  How fragments shatter Divided Like fornicating cells   In the futile fortress  Blankets wrapped tight  Yet susceptible  To the phalanx  Of Cobras Biting  At my heart  Restless, Encumbered sleep Through toxicity  Of your ripe mangoes  Those silky spread pillars  In the air  … Continue reading Encumbered


Hesitant, peering  Through the window Resistance brought regression Choose to wave the wand Imminent return Enter the catapult again Exit of still sanctum  No label or clear signs Only whispers to guide  Time is a choice Spent decisions In the labrynth, but-- There is always a way back here  Image taken from Pinterest


Alcoholic millionaire Another fine seasoned scotch Soon returning home Bowling pins on sidewalk Unknowingly almost struck -- Addicted to scales Fluctuating through the day Sacrificing health Gravity's affirmation Identity's lethal weight -- Ten thousand follows Mindlessly preached mindfulness Business prospers Completely disconnected Grave digger attached to shovel -- Some things money can buy Possessing sugar … Continue reading Metrics