Locked Away (4/4)

Little Red Riding Hood sits there, endowed by a twilight of cyan and violet. Waves dance across the shore, twirled by his windy partner. However, the partner was not too windy, more gentle, like a soothing massage on her back. An aura above seems to be her own, free, for all to grasp, sinking in the … Continue reading Locked Away (4/4)



Lacking electricity Flowing through talons Stagnant interactions Conducted in stale skies Each flight back here Failing to acknowledge Routes flown Hearts shown -- 'Where were you I sat waiting, But you chose still To return with your back Faced away from us,' Although drowning Duty, elasticity, Prevents you From leaving Your perch Always available Photography … Continue reading Elasticity

The Ladder

Chameleon climbs  Adaptable arsenal Patiently on perch  Square one realized  Despite quickened pace on ladder Preserved humility  Weathering blizzards Lept up, despite missing rungs  Melted inertia  Inner applause ensues  Looking down from the summit  Prepared for descent Image taken from Pinterest


Dominoes collide Until Crows circle Above Hazy towards the end, unparalleled gratitude All fragments Return Shuffle the deck, Deja Vu Having Been here-- A now before Tallying suicides Change intended From previous Orbit This world will be Better than the last Although-- I've been Dealt The same hand Photography taken from Edge of Humanity Magazine


Standstill with time  The light splashes  A nearby stream The flaps of birds Passing above  Below rooted  Deep breaths  No agony  Withstanding,  She peacefully endures No memory Lovers chisel their names  Children sack Minas Tirith  Selfishly using her branches  Innocently severing limbs  But roots remain growing  Trance inducing Embers fading  -- She snaps out  Remembering … Continue reading Withstanding


Each petal Slowly unfurled From the beautifully Sculpted stem Nourished by Storms of kisses Ensuing I inhale your fragrance Freezing time, The drum line performance Of ignited crickets The crescendo Of moaning winds Scent of lavender Taste of strawberries Must be immortal Somehow Alive Despite your thorns Photograhy by Leyla  


Words filter in, they go Others replace them, also fading Eventually They stick After arranging and re-arranging Themselves  Floating, dissipating, re-emerging  Fragmented  Put back together until  They evolve  Into destiny Separate points  Connected without touching  Enveloping unity between  Parallel dreams  Space filled-- creating This poem  Photography by Manjari Sharma