Doubled edged sword revolves idle complacency by deference of duty  Screeches on chalk board  obstructing tranquility  of a blank canvass Still-- pure manifest  after distillation of procrastination Image taken from:


Jason Mraz in Buddhapest Tonight!! Conversation with Myself Part 3 Sherif: So we're doing one of these again? Pharaoh: Yeah I think its time you get some things sorted out. The last few weeks have been a mess. Wait, why didn't you post the Conversation With Myself Song by Jason? Sherif: Have they been that bad? And I posted that song the last two … Continue reading Jason Mraz in Buddhapest Tonight!! Conversation with Myself Part 3


Staring at the sun hidden behind the clouds Eyes closed and air glittered-- Sparkling and sifted through A spark of hope renewed. Eyes remain open barely before blinded by magnificence. The sun and clouds unseen, but chrysales creating a state of piece. A lack of warmth prompts eyes to shut. They open momentarily until blind to … Continue reading Smile

Meaning, Form, Pronunciation

Explained, but likely unknown. That which must be explained cannot be understood. Inner-standing-- amorphous within the body paragraph. Formed by experiences, diluted by time, or fresh in an undefined time in the lost now. Found howls and serenades-- enunciated at different frequencies. Frequently attempting to find meaning, separated by language. Held and intertwined-- an exclamation mark in a gorgeous set … Continue reading Meaning, Form, Pronunciation

Conversation With Myself Part 2

Conversation With Myself   Sherif: Hmmm.. sigh... I don't think this Barcelona trip has been going as planned. Pharaoh: Why do you think that? Sherif: Well, I was really hoping to make a life for myself in Barcelona. I wanted to make all sorts of close friends and I wanted to profoundly impact my … Continue reading Conversation With Myself Part 2

A Flock of Students: Celta Week 1

My first day walking into International House Barcelona I knew that my biggest challenge would be suppressing my social anxiety, and coming out of my cave. Often times I retreated back into my cave, but I didn't let it discourage me-- forever. I struggled to talk to my colleagues for the first few days, and … Continue reading A Flock of Students: Celta Week 1

Celta Days 1-3: Spyro and Jerry’s Lessons

Day 1: Pharaoh walked into International House Barcelona. He didn't know where he was going, but saw four other trainees. They made introductions, but as expected due to how isolated he was, he was unable to vibe. He was a bit nervous as he was always. There were only five trainees, but all 15 inevitably … Continue reading Celta Days 1-3: Spyro and Jerry’s Lessons